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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, October 15, 2004

The Friday Forum

1) Do you consider yourself a physically fit person? Why/why not?

Not really. I was in better shape when I was younger and didn't worry about it.

2) What are your favorite types of exercise? Do you have any favorite sports that you enjoy participating in, and how often do you work out?

Riding the stationary bike. I lift weights a little. Walking on the treadmill is okay. I used to like to play softball but haven't done it since high school. I try to work out at at least three times a week (more if I'm motivated). I've been bad these last few weeks though and haven't done any beyond walking Duncan to school.

3) Do you follow any special eating plans, diets, nutritional philosophies, weight-loss goals, etc.? Why or why not? How long have you been doing so, and have you had success with them?

Nope. I'm too lazy. I did have to watch what I ate very carefully when I was pregnant with Cal because I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The funny thing was, I kept losing weight with that pregnancy. They sent me to the dietitian to make sure I was eating right to control my blood sugar. So I followed the diet and checked my blood faithfully. Then I'd go to the doctor and they'd be concerned that I was losing weight. Well fuck! What did they expect? I've got a healthy parasite in me sucking calories and *then* I'm on a freakin' diabetic diet. Can you tell I was annoyed?

4) What would you most like to change about your physical appearance? Which features of your body do you like the most?

I'd like to get my belly fat reduced but not through surgery or anything. I need to do my crunches/sit ups more. Cal likes to bounce on me when I do them so that's helpful too because I have to tighten my stomach muscles or puke. I like my nose, hands, arms and feet okay. I've never been one to obsess over my body parts. They fit together and make me and I seem to work all right so that's good enough.

5) Do you feel that it's important to encourage children to become involved in sports? Why/why not? Did you participate in athletics when you were growing up?

Yes. It teaches them discipline and teamwork (if they play team sports) and it's good to start the exercise ethic early. Yes, I played basketball and softball.

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