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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Developmental Milestones: The Real Story

Developing fine motor skills is one of those things you're supposed to watch for in your child. It's one of the biggies as a matter of fact. What they don't tell you is when combined with new little brains it's also dangerous.

For example, that pesky bottle of water your toddler couldn't open before, now it's fair game. Ditto for bottles of bubble bath—did you know it takes no time at all to dump over half a bottle of soap into the toilet? I've taken to screwing on tops so tightly you practically need a pair of pliers to get them open.

Cal has been removing the lids on our toothpaste tubes for a while now. That wouldn't be so bad if he didn't think squeezing the tube really hard was the next logical step. This morning while I was in the shower he opened his tube of toothpaste, found his toothbrush and proceeded to brush his own teeth. Pretty neat except for the large trail of toothpaste he left on the tube and on his toothbrush. It's probably on the floor too but I decided I'd face that mess later.

Popping open those snap tops is no struggle either. He's applied sunscreen on many an occasion. It's too bad carpet is never in any danger of sunburn. Sadly just about anything that he can squirt out of a bottle is fair game for being applied to his skin. Vaseline is loads of fun to clean up. Ditto for the ointment we keep around the house for Mike's sensitive skin moments.

You know those squirt bottle tabs where you can turn it to spray/on or off? Cal has seen me operate these often enough that they're no longer a mystery to him. If I grab the bottle of windex and start cleaning industriously, he'll go find a matching bottle and start spraying right along with me. Just for your information, Pledge furniture polish and laminate floors do not mix.

Okay off to discover more fine motor skills fun....

posted by Tamara - 8:17 AM -- Link to this entry
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