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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, September 20, 2004

The Weekend

I've been a slug and haven't updated the ol' blog all weekend. I intended to update. Truly I did. But then I'd get caught up doing something else while at the computer and just wouldn't get around to it. So on with the accounting of my super exciting weekend....

Saturday dawned bright and early when Cal woke up around 6 am calling for me. I stumbled out of bed and had Mike move him to our bed so I could change his sheets. As is common with little boys, he had leaked. It's probably what woke him up because the spot was really wet. I stripped his bed and threw a blanket over the mattress pad and crashed there. Then around 8:30 I got up for real and started the day.

Mike and the kids discuss the plan of attack.No painting at the Hodge Lodge this Saturday for it was time for the annual Integris Health family day at Frontier City. On this day, Integris Health employees and their families get into the park for free and it's closed to the general public.

Mom was going with us and Duncan had asked two friends to go as well. So mom picked up Ryan and headed to our house. She arrived right on time and by 10 am we were leaving the house to pick up Duncan's other friend, Skylar. Skylar's mom works at Integris as a nurse so she already had tickets for her family. Skylar was just going to head out there with us and they would pick her up at the park later that afternoon.

We ended up getting away late from Skylar's because her mom thought we already had a ticket she could use and she hadn't gone to work to get her tickets out of her locker. While this was true when we asked Skylar, Duncan had since asked Ryan when we found out Skylar already had a ticket. So we didn't leave Integris (had to pick up the ticket for Skylar) until around 10:30, which was the time we wanted to get to Frontier City. No big deal though. We're not so anal and set on schedules that everything falls apart if we don't make it.

Once at Frontier City, we met Mike's little brother David. Mike, David and the older kids went one way and mom, Cal and I went another. Cal wasn't going to be able to ride the big rides so we took him to the kiddie area while they headed off to roller coasters and spinning/whipping around rides. We planned on meeting up around noon at the pavilion where lunch would be served (this was free today as well).

I rode the teacups with Cal. Mom rode a few others so I could take pictures. We looked at some animals (rabbits, goats and sheep!). It was really freaking hot and muggy so we also sweated a lot. Our horrible August weather seems to be happening in September this year. Go figure.

We met up with the rest of the group for lunch. As in years past, the meal consisted of hot dogs or BBQ beef. It's not great but it's not terrible either considering it's catered there at Frontier City and they're feeding a lot of Integris Employees.

After lunch we split up once again and decided to meet in a little while so Cal could go on the log ride with them. I think they went off to ride some roller coaster. In the meantime, we took Cal on the little train that runs the circuit of the park. And he rode the carousel twice.

Cal smiling his goofy grin in the teacup ride.By the time they came back ready to ride the log ride, I could tell Cal was getting tired. Even with as hot as it was, he draped himself over Mike and rested his head on his shoulder. The wait in line for the log ride wasn't too bad and the three older kids went down first with Mike, David and Cal in the log behind them. We positioned ourselves in a good spot to watch them coming down.

I was surprised Mike put Cal up front. I figured that would scare the crap out of him. By the look on Cal's face as they drifted by after coming down, he wasn't too thrilled with the log ride. We split up for the last time that afternoon and mom, Cal and I headed home while Mike and the kids stayed on to ride more rides.

Cal fell asleep on the ride home. Mom carried him in and he woke up a little as I was unloading the car. He had a cranky two year old meltdown upon being woken up so he and I went to lay down in his bed after mom left. I was hoping he'd settle down and go back to sleep. He usually does. Not today though. We must have rested for about thirty or forty minutes. He calmed down and then he was ready to get out of bed and start being the Lord of Chaos again. Bummer. I was kind of hoping to take a nap myself.

We spent the next couple of hours doing nothing. Mike and Duncan came home around 6 pm, sweaty and tired from their day. I hadn't planned for dinner so we ended up ordering pizza and being big lazy slugs the rest of the evening.

Now on to Sunday. Mike and Duncan went to church. Cal and I were supposed to go with them this week but I had stayed up until 1 the night before and was in no condition to get my ass out of bed. I whined and told Mike I'd go next week. I hate getting up early on Sunday.

I also had another reason for not wanting to go. Today was the day we were going to see Monsters, Inc. on ice at the state fair. Cal has watched Monsters, Inc. at least a thousand times so mom thought it would be fun to take him to see the skating around on ice version. Being a good daughter I said I'd go to help her out. I figured Duncan wouldn't want to go but he surprised me when he said he did. So it was slated to be me, mom, Cal and Duncan.

Mike, Cal and Duncan at Monsters, Inc. on ice.Then my dad said he'd like to go. No problem. Mom bought a ticket for Cal but he could always sit on a lap (he usually does that anyway) and dad could use that ticket. Mike was off the hook. He deserved to be especially after riding all those roller coasters on Saturday.

My dad stayed true to form when he backed out at the last minute. I'm not sure why we didn't just go back to the original plan of Cal having his own seat that he would never sit in, but Mike ended up going in dad's place.

The show started at 1:30 so mom wanted to get away by 11:30 and get some lunch before. Unfortunately church school this year runs until 11:30 so Mike and Duncan didn't get home until close to 12. We were running out of time so we ended up eating lunch in the car at Sonic (it's a drive-in).

We made it to Monsters, Inc. on time. The place was packed. Parking wasn't too horrible considering the state fair is in full swing. Mom did her grandmotherly duty and purchased crap for the kids. We found our seats and prepared to be underwhelmed.

Cal did fairly well during the show. He got antsy before it started and wanted to start walking. Mike was able to keep him entertained though and we made it to the beginning of the show. He didn't start squirming again until close to the time for intermission. During intermission Mike took Cal walking so he would be prepared to sit through the last of the show.

Finally the icy extravaganza ended around 3:40. I think we were all a little sleepy. I know I was. I even closed my eyes during the show and tried to doze. Hard to do though when it's your turn to hold a two year old sticky with cotton candy.

Cal fell asleep on the ride home. This time he stayed asleep and he and Mike took a nice nap. Duncan and I puttered, once again doing nothing constructive. Oh wait. I did wash a load of clothes and do the dishes.

We did the leftovers thing for dinner and had a peaceful evening at home.

That was our painting free weekend at the Hodge Lodge. Next weekend I'm anticipating hours and hours of painting, however. Fun!

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