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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A Necessary Evil

Sometimes I hate cars. Mostly I hate them when they die just as you're pulling up to an intersection. Yes, as you've probably already guessed, that's what happened to me. Today as a matter of fact.

There Duncan and I were driving along, ready to stop at the intersection where the Tae Kwon Do place is and my freakin' car just stopped. Everything shut off, the oil light went on and I broke out in that sweat of the panicked. I was lucky Cal wasn't with us (he was at mom's).

Fortunately after I had turned on the hazards and called Mike I realized that I still had the car in park. My car won't start in park so I put the car in drive and it started. But it drove really bad so I turned into the nearest gas station and called Mike back.

Got out and checked the oil because, to be honest, the car is way overdue for an oil change. It needed oil. I walked Duncan across the highway to Tae Kwon Do first and then purchased two quarts of the gas station's cheapest oil. I figured why put expensive stuff in when it was just going to be drained soon.

Mike arrived and I put a little gas in the car and he followed me to Chad's. Chad is a great guy but every time we bring the Neon in he just shakes his head. I know, it's a shit car but it was cheap and really the amount of work we've had done on it has been minimal. It's more than paid for itself. And the air conditioning still works. That's important.

So now I get to wait around for the bad news. Maybe an oil change and tune up is all it needs. But I won't know for sure until the mechanic opens her up and checks her out. I'm hoping it's something we can justify spending. If not, we get to make the decision on whether or not the car is worth keeping or if it's time to saddle ourselves with another car payment. I'd like to squeeze another year's worth of use out of the Neon. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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