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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Me Slug

I haven't updated the blog for two days. Was I terribly busy those two days? Naw. I was just lazy.

Both Monday and Tuesday I stayed home and did domestic goddess stuff. I was a better domestic goddess on Monday than Tuesday, however. I mostly just washed a couple of loads of clothes, made my bed and took a nice nap on Tuesday. Monday was a more productive day for sure.

Let's see...Mike's truck is out of commission. The brake fluid has leaked out of the system so now he's got no clutch. We've had this happen before so he knows how to get the system in working order enough to get it to the mechanic. We just haven't done that yet. So Cal and I were trapped at home yesterday and will be trapped again today. Kind of a bummer because I need to go to the grocery store.

Today will be more domestic goddess time. Lots of clothes to fold and wash and the living room is ready for another tidy (Goldfish crackers are insidious in that they manage to go everywhere). I need to get in Duncan's room and straighten it up but I keep putting it off. I really hate it when he lets toys and crap cover the floor because it's like running an obstacle course just to put clothes away in his room. Maybe I'll bite the bullet, put on some music and tackle that room today.

Duncan has Tae Kwon Do tonight. If I can think of something to cook, I'll see if mom wants me to make dinner at her house. Haven't thought of anything yet though.

Oh wait. Here's something kind of funny. I cooked a roast for dinner yesterday and while the oven was warming up I kept smelling something burning. I opened the oven half expecting to find a doll in there but it wasn't a doll burning it was four little pieces of dry dog food. Cal likes to pull dog food out of the big bag and give it to Max saying, "Eat this! Eat this!" He has also discovered he can open the oven door and evidently thought it would be fun to put a little dog food there.

The scary thing is yesterday he opened the oven while it was on. He touched his hand to the inside of the door and wasn't a happy camper. I'm hoping that broke him of opening the oven.

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