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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, September 20, 2004


Took Cal to McDonald's for lunch today. Mainly I went so he could frolick in the tubes. The food is certainly not a big draw. But it's nice to be able to chat with Mike while Cal plays in the tubes and ignores his lunch.

We went to a McDonald's near my mom that sports a really big play area. There are two ways to get to the top--three if you count going up the slide. Cal likes going up the slide the best but there's always the danger another child will meet him on the way down.

The easy entrance through covered tubes he handles just fine. The tower climb to the top though he doesn't handle as well. The tower is a series of alternating shelves that the kids climb to get to the top. The shelves aren't very far apart and it's not unusual to see kids slithering up and down that thing lickety split.

Cal tries to get up the tower but after reaching the third or fourth level he gets scared. Yes, mister 'I'll climb anything' freaks out about climbing something that's loads safer than say balancing on one foot on the exercise bike (while holding the handlebars, he's not that skilled).

Duncan is in school so we couldn't send him to the rescue. It's a lucky thing my 38 year old body is still relatively limber because I was the one who got to clamber up the tower. You wouldn't think to look at the thing but having several more feet of height makes getting from ledge to ledge quite an exercise. I'm sure I looked pretty funny doing it.

Ah well, I'd best enjoy it while I can. Soon he'll be tackling the playland tubes and never need any help at all. It is nice to know that if he ever refuses to come down I'll be able to storm the tubes and drag his butt back down.

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