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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Is It Wednesday Already?

Told you my week would be screwed up. The week is chugging along and I'm only confused half of the time.

Just got in from mowing the front yard. It wasn't horribly high or anything but we have a nice sized front yard. And I had to keep an eye on Cal while I mowed. He likes our next door neighbor's front porch. He kept going over there and sitting in her chairs and playing with her big cast iron frog. Not that Fanette would have minded. She's a nice gal. But I drew the line at him ringing her doorbell.

The last stretch of lawn Cal helped me mow. He seemed to like that. I remember being fascinated by lawnmowers when I was a kid. How sad that when you think mowing the lawn is neat, they don't let you do it.

More tidying of the Hodge Lodge today. I tackled the computer/musical instrument/toy room yesterday. E can attest that it is much tidier. How did she put it? "It's usually a mess." Not that she's wrong. It is usually a mess. One kid is bad for making messes but two kids make quadruple the mess. It's a never ending battle.

Our living room is a pit right now. Cal can't seem to stay out of the diaper bag so the contents are strewn everywhere. His diaper bag and my purse. He's fascinated with both. He especially likes to find my gum and chew on it for a bit and then swallow it.

Have I mentioned how much I like the little table and chairs Gayle got Cal for his birthday? I like them. Really, I do. What I hate is how portable those fucking chairs are. He carries them everywhere and uses the damn things to reach things he shouldn't. I could probably get rid of the chairs entirely. It's not like he sits on them while he's using the table. No, his preferred method is to sit on the table itself. *sigh*

Okay off to get Cal out of the kitchen and whatever he's messing in and begin the job of picking up toys and diaper bag detritus.

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