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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Catwoman the Movie

Well we did it. We bit the bullet and saw Catwoman yesterday. It finally made it to the dollar theater and with all of the bad reviews it received I figured waiting for it to appear there was a good idea.

So I bet you're wondering if I thought it was bad considering how the critics savaged it. Halle Berry certainly didn't deserve the drubbing she received. She played her character passably well. The pre-Catwoman Patience was very meek and someone who was letting life beat her down. After she becomes split-personality woman however, she gets to be all in-your-face, Cat Fu fighting Catwoman. She was convincing as both facets of her personality.

Let's blame the true culprit for Catwoman's suckitude: the script. Yes, the script was lame. The dastardly cosmetics company as bad guy made me giggle. Sharon Stone was okay as a bad guy but did they really have to give her "skin like marble" because of the beauty cream she had been using for years? The same beauty cream that Halle Berry's character was killed over, btw.

It turns out long-term use scarred the skin. It also caused headaches and fainting spells. Laurel Hedare (Sharon Stone), former company spokesmodel and wife of the company president wanted Beau-line to go on the market no matter what. I never could figure out exactly why. Perhaps because she wanted other women to become as disfigured as she was?

The romantic subplot starring Detective John Lone (Benjamin Bratt) was probably the most painful part of the movie. Now don't get me wrong. I like a good romance. But Bratt is such a zero when it comes to onscreen charisma. Not to mention the fact the interaction between Berry and Bratt's characters was horribly scripted and just plain dull.

The movie also suffered from poor direction by Pitof. I'm sure they figured he would be a safe bet since the majority of his career has been with the visual effects end of movie-making. Hey super-hero movie, lots of effects, let's get this digital effects guy to direct it. Unfortunately he's not so great with directing people.

Sharon Stone in particular vamped up the screen way too much. Why is it when actors star in a movie based on a comic book they think they need to channel their inner ham? Of course, Stone shouldn't take all the blame. What was she to do when stuck with inadequate direction and a script full of cliché ridden dialogue.

It sounds like I hated Catwoman but I really didn't. I was just disappointed in it. We saw it for a buck and it was definitely worth that. It wasn't one of those movies I left feeling like I'd wasted an hour and a half of my life (see my Uptown Girls rant). Catwoman is worth seeing if only to watch Halle Berry crack a whip. But I know I'll always wonder what a good Catwoman movie would have been like 'cause this sure wasn't it.

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