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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, September 17, 2004

Another Friday Five

1. Starting with your head down to your toes, what health/beauty products have you used/applied to your body so far today? [For example, shampoo, toothpaste, makeup, cologne/perfume, nail polish, etc.]

Pert shampoo (sometimes Herbal Essences), Suave body wash (melon something scent I think), Crest toothpaste. That's it, baby! I'm a natural kinda gal. And lazy. Oh wait. Sometimes I spray on one of those after shower body splash thingies. They smell nice.

2. Do you have a ritual when you take a shower, such as washing your hair first or maybe even brushing your teeth in the shower? If so, what? Do you prefer baths or showers?

Always wash my hair first when I take a shower. Then I soap up my arms, legs, chest and back. Then I shave my shave-able bits. Wash my bits and pieces next. After that comes teeth brushing. Mike started me in on this little habit. Finally I wash my face , make sure I'm rinsed off and I'm done. I take faaaast showers.

As to which I prefer? I take showers mostly just because they're fastest. But I enjoy a soak in a hot tub once in a while.

3. How do you get yourself up and going in the mornings? Coffee? A hot shower? Breakfast? Would you consider yourself a morning person at all? When do you usually get up?

A shower always wakes me up. I usually get up anywhere from 7:30 to 8:00 on the weekdays. Sometimes I can sleep until 9:00 on the weekend. I'm not a morning person.

4. Do you normally eat breakfast? What do you usually have? Do you usually make it at home or go out for breakfast, or do you prefer not to eat breakfast?

I'll eat breakfast about fifty percent of the time. Some mornings I'm just not hungry and then when I do get hungry, it's too close to lunch so I'll just wait. When I do eat breakfast I prefer to eat it at home.

5. What does your alarm clock sound like? A buzzer, music, or something else? Do you ever set your clock fast so that you push yourself to get ready sooner? Are you usually on time, late, or somewhere in-between?

My alarm clock is a cheap travel clock so it buzzes only. If I only have to get myself ready, I'm on time. Don't need to set the clock to an earlier time just to fool myself into getting ready. When I have to make sure everyone else in the household gets ready too, we're usually late. I need to purchase a small whip so I can crack it because sometimes that's what it feels like I'm doing when I have to get everyone moving.

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