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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, August 30, 2004

Insert Pathetic Moaning Sounds Here

Cal caught a tiny cold over the weekend. It's not a bad cold, lasts about two days. You get plenty of sinus drainage and some sneezing with it. Mike had it Saturday and Sunday. Today he feels better. Cal is all better. Now it's my turn.

I woke up this morning thinking of Cal's nap time when I could lay down beside him on his bed and snooze. Sad, huh? We did just that but only for about an hour. The phone rang and woke both of us up and then my nose started to run again so I had to get up, thus waking myself up even more. Bleh.

I'd like to be a big ol' lazy slug but I've been good. Clothes have been washed. I prepped dinner for Mike to start while we're at Tae Kwon Do. Cal and I washed the dog. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel perkier.

Took Cal to the doctor today for his two year old check up. He checked out just fine. He weighs more and is taller than the last time we went, of course. He also got two shots. Bummer. He gets really mad about those shots. Now I need to make an appointment for Duncan's check up. I think I totally skipped his check up last year. Oh well, he's a healthy cuss so I guess missing one year won't kill us.

Oh we saw Hero yesterday afternoon. It was good. I had to read the subtitles to Duncan. He can't read quite fast enough yet. I find myself not agreeing wholeheartedly with the philosophy behind the film but I can see where it worked in this situation. It was certainly beautiful to watch.

After the movie we were good and painted. We're so close to being done with primer!

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