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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Twenty Freakin’ Years

I've put off blogging about my High School Reunion. Mostly I didn't feel like writing. I haven't felt much like communicating at all. But I'm gonna force myself to do it. Not sure it'll be very entertaining but this blog really serves more to entertain me than anyone else.

As I mentioned previously, we didn't bother going to the picnic scheduled for Saturday afternoon at Putnam City West High School. Denise is pregnant and didn't relish being out in the heat and I didn't feel an overwhelming need to show off my kids to people I barely knew. So we went to Hideaway Pizza and spent an hour and a half there catching up and eating lunch. All the kids were in attendance and so was my mom. Sadly she got stuck with Calvin duty since he likes to go walkabout any time we're in a restaurant.

Denise, still earthy and pragmatic, hasn't changed much. She seems very happy with Jason but misses living so far away from her kids. Her kids, as usual, were wacky and sweet. Shelley is still the same quiet, sarcastic wit. She's been looking for employment in Oklahoma but says "the bastards keep giving me raises and more days off" so it's hard to leave. It would be pretty neat if she moved back to OKC.

Jamie has changed a little from the girl I knew in High School. She went off to OSU and Vet school while I went to OU and NYC so we didn't keep in touch much after we graduated. As a kid she was lighter and more easy going. These days there's a core of seriousness in Jamie that needs to be shaken loose. I'm going to nag her via email more often and make sure she visits with me when she's in OKC visiting her dad.

Tracey was there and we were a little awkward with each other at first. Tracey wasn't happy about going to the Reunion but I bullied her into it. She got mad at me and I admit to getting my feelings hurt a little so I avoided calling her. Yes, I'm stubborn.

After lunch, mom took Cal back to her house and the rest of us went to our house. After banging on the drums for about thirty minutes we sent the kids out to the pool. Yes, drums and conversation don't go together. We spent the next few hours reminiscing and chatting about nothing in particular.

Eventually the kids came in and everyone packed up to head home and relax a bit before the Reunion that evening at The Bricktown Brewery. Shelley didn't want to drive anymore so she stayed at our house. She and I looked through old yearbooks and marveled at how many people we didn't know in High School.

At 7 pm everyone but Tracey met up at our house and we piled into two cars and headed to downtown OKC. We stopped off at Tracey's house first to pick her up.

We arrived at exactly 7:30, found a parking spot and headed inside. I picked up my packet, which contained the Reunion directory (it looked just like Mike's) and our name tags. Mine, of course, had my senior class picture on it. Denise, Jason and Shelley had already arrived and snagged a table in the back of the room--Shelley's pick. Is it any wonder I like this woman?

This shindig wasn't a dinner affair but they did have a big table of hors douvres, all the non-alcoholic drinks you could drink, and alcoholic beverages you could purchase. The hors douvres consisted of veggies and dip, meatballs, egg rolls, chips and salsa or chips and cheese, zuchini and cheese sticks, and hot wings. All were okay but they weren't kept quite hot enough. The hot wings were really good and spicy but a mess to eat.

I am not a social person by any means so Shelley and I mostly sat at the table and flipped through the directory and the yearbook I brought. Tracey, on the other hand, is very social and was well-known in high school. Being the main photographer for the school paper and the yearbook meant she got to talk to just about everyone. And you know what? She was remembered. It was a hoot and a half watching people walk across the room just to chat with Tracey. And damn is she good at chatting back and making that innane small talk you have to do with people you haven't seen in twenty years. Shelley and I had a good time checking out badges and comparing them to the yearbook picture. Thank goodness for the lure of Tracey.

There were only a few people I truly wanted to see and most of them were at the table with me already. But there were a few others, people I hadn't talked to since we graduated and who I had fond memories of. Susan Plant was there and that was a treat. I always had such a blast with her in Spanish class. Gary Epperly showed up as well.

In high school Gary was one of the upper tier brains. As a result, he could be very stolid and serious when it came to his studies but my fondest memories of Gary were when he would break out with his wicked and off-beat sense of humor. He was also great fun to talk old movies and television with. Gary hadn't changed much I'm happy to report. He's thinner and older of course but he's still smart as a whip and easy to talk to.

Let's see...Mike did the wandering thing off and on as the evening progressed. I only moved about when we had to get the class photo taken, got our Lake Park Elementary group photo taken and to be defeated in the longest married award.

Three of us had been married for nineteen years. The two gals I was up against were both very religious in school and I don't think they've changed much. They were both nice, however. Neither was in the ultra fake Christian goody-goody category. Anyway Barbara Howard beat me by three months. Ah well I came in second.

When Denise, Gary and I went up for the Lake Park Elementary picture I saw a few more people I hadn't seen in several years. One I thought had changed quite a bit. Not in a bad way though. I just wouldn't have recognized her if I hadn't seen her name tag. The other two were about the same. Older, of course but recognizable.

One of them told me I should have been up front for the most changed award. I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I didn't think I had changed that much since high school. I mean, my hair is shorter now. And my boobs are bigger. But it's not like I didn't have short hair through part of high school. And I think my face is still basically the same. I haven't become horribly wrinkled and aged looking at least.

So the evening progressed, I visited with people off and on but mostly had fun watching Tracey chat with just about everyone. Periodically Mike would report back that he had been checking out name tags and had come upon a few people I had mentioned. These were always people I said were kind of mean in high school so I didn't go seeking them out. True they might be nice now but what the hell was I supposed to say, "Hello, you may not remember me but I remember you because you were such a bitch." I guess if I'd gotten drunk I might have done that.

We ended up staying 'til the bitter end and had a helluva fun time jamming five of us into our little Neon. Oh and I should mention that Tracey admitted she was glad she came. HA! I made it to bed around 1:30, damn pooped.

I didn't get to sleep as late as I wanted to Sunday because Tracey had hatched a plan for all of us to meet for breakfast. I should be thankful that her first plan--me cooking breakfast for everyone--was ditched. Needless to say, I wasn't for that plan.

Instead we met at the Village Inn pancake house around 9:30 and had a fun time chatting some more. Everyone from Hideaway was there, minus Jason, the kids and my mom. Gary and his partner, Marcus were there and Tracey arrived late with a surprise guest--Leslie Taylor. Leslie was one of the small group of Spanish IV crazies. And I went to Elementary School with her and daycare at Council Road Baptist Church.

She ended up not going to the Reunion because she wasn't certain anyone she knew would show up. But Tracey tracked her down from the address in the Reunion directory and dragged her to breakfast. Pretty cool.

After breakfast we all went our separate ways. The core group will always keep in touch. We have so far anyway. It'll be interesting to see how many of us make it to the thirty year Reunion.

The rest of our Sunday was spent doing nothing and vegetating. So that was my lovely weekend.

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