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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Insert Generic Title Here

Not much exciting going on at the Hodge Lodge these days. Duncan is anxiously awaiting his trip with the Grandmas to Branson, MO. Kelsey is going this year as well so he'll have a thirteen year old girl to pester the whole time. Mike, Cal and I are staying here. Cal wouldn't like that six hour drive and Mike and I aren't really pumped about the prospect of a week in Branson. So once again we play the Cal card. Not sure we'll be able to pull that off next year. Maybe we can convince the Grandmas to take both kids and let us stay home. I'm not sure they realize how much of a vacation that would be for us. More of one than going to Branson would be that's for sure.

So yesterday I felt blah all day. I'm in a rut that's for sure. And this unseasonably cool weather has kept us from swimming. I kind of miss it. Probably not going to be hot enough today either.

Today brings more of the same. I'm going to make Duncan go to sparring today since he'll miss a week of Tae Kwan Do while he's gone. That means four days this week but he'll only have three days next week because he'll be leaving for Branson on Friday. I must admit it'll be nice not having to schlep him to TKD. The schlep isn't bad but figuring out what the hell to have Mike make for dinner is. We didn't eat until 7:30 last night thanks to that. I should probably plan a meal for mom's this week. That really is a lot easier than making Mike start dinner after he gets home from work.

Geez, I really am in a rut. Even this blog entry is boring me to tears.

Well, I can't get blogger to publish this post right now so I'll keep adding to it. I think I'll go buy Hellboy today. And there's a new Wiggles DVD out. Then I really must help Duncan find his wallet.

He thinks he's being clever and hides his wallet. Then the damn thing stays lost for months on end. I keep telling him to put the wallet in the same spot every time he's done with it--like on top of his chest of drawers. But does he do that? Nooooo. Hence, the wallet is missing yet again. I've tried to light a fire under him by saying he can't get any money out of his bank account for vacation unless he finds the wallet. It's not working though. I think he knows the Grandmas will be there ready to supply him with cash when he needs it.

Oh I've also got to vote today. Not that it'll make much of a difference. The most conservative Democrat is bound to win the primary and then they'll get their butts kicked by an even more conservative Republican.

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