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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, July 05, 2004

Fourth of July Fun

We had our big family 4th get together on Saturday. After Mike finished pummeling the house with water we went over to Mom's and around 5:30, mom, my brother and my little family headed over to Eldon Lyon Park to watch their fireworks display. They also have a carnival and a country music concert. I can't remember the semi big name they had there this year. I'm bad. We set up far enough away that we can't make out much of the music.

So we got there around 5:45, set up our chairs and table and goodies -- we always eat hot dogs while we're waiting. This year, however, we couldn't let the kids run all over the huge field between us and the carnival. Why? Because they moved parking to this field and put the much bigger selection of carnival activities in the previous years parking. That sucked. It wasn't much fun watching cars being parked. I much preferred seeing all the kids and adults in the big field playing with balls and running around having fun.

Mike and mom took Duncan and Cal to the carnival around 7 pm while Justin and I sat and watched the cars park. I also wrote a bit.

Mom and Cal made it back before Mike and Duncan because mom was getting way too hot. I played with Cal a little in the field since by now they had closed this parking area and you only had to watch for the occasional car leaving the field rather than the steady stream of cars entering.

Mike and Duncan made it back and we relaxed as the sun set. Duncan and Cal played some more. Finally around 9:30 they set off the fireworks. Last year they had some problems and the show didn't happen until 11:00. That sucked. They seemed to be making up for it this year by starting really early.

Anyway it was a good fireworks display. I'm not sure if we'll go back there next year even though that's been our place to watch fireworks on the 4th for the past seven years. They'll probably use that field for parking again and it's just not as fun with the cars there. Oh well, it's not like there aren't plenty of options here for free fireworks displays.

Yesterday, the actual 4th, Mike power washed the house again. I moved the last of the sand from the front yard and mowed the front yard. I, of course, finished well ahead of Mike and headed over to mom's around 1. The kids were already there. Mike took them over that morning when he borrowed their ladder.

We ate a wonderful lunch of brisket and potato salad at 2. Mike's mom and grandmother also came over. Mike was late because he was trying to get the last of the house done before returning the power washer.

After lunch I went to get Cal settled for his nap and fell asleep with him. We slept until almost 6. Ack! Mike had arrived by that time and he and Duncan were preparing to leave for some 4th of July festivities in Mustang -- it's not illegal to shoot off fireworks there. Cal was a little scared of the fireworks from last night so I decided he and I would pass.

Cal had fun playing outside and we ate some watermelon. We ended up hanging out at mom's until about 9:30. By this time Mike and Duncan were heading to Edmond to watch yet another free fireworks display.

Cal and I made it home and had a relaxing evening doing absolutely nothing. Every now and then we'd hear some fireworks in the distance. The really loud ones freaked Cal out a little but he calmed down enough to fall asleep by 11:00.

Mike and Duncan made it home a little before then with all their fingers and toes. All in all, a successful 4th of July weekend.

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