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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, June 11, 2004

Lazy Bum

Wow. I haven't blogged at all this week. I blame it on being sick. Yeah, I've caught a nasty summer cold. Colds suck in general but having one in the summer sucks worse.

So let's see...we ended up not going to a movie on our wedding anniversary. We couldn't make it to a movie and pick Duncan up from the Unitarian Church at 4.

So we went shopping for a portable DVD player to take on our trip to Texas next weekend. We ended up buying a cheapie one at Target. Then we went to a nearby Barnes & Noble and browsed sans children. That was nice. I even bought a book.

After picking Duncan up from the church we took him to Tae Kwan Do and headed to mom's. Then all of us (minus mom) and Tracey went to Zio's for dinner. I was smart though and didn't mention anything about it being our anniversary. Tracey can call attention to things like that in a restaurant.

That was our anniversary day and it was nice. We didn't do anything exciting but we had a few hours with no kids and that's always fun.

The rest of my week has been boring. I've been doing domestic goddess stuff and suffering through a head cold. It's reached stage green so I'm feeling particularly crappy and drug out today. On the plus side, nothing is draining and my throat feels better.

Oh, the pool is officially up. Yep, that patch of sand is covered by a big receptacle of water. We even swam in it yesterday. Probably not the best thing to do with my cold but it was damn fun. It was a little chilly though. Cal's teeth were chattering and my skin was purple. Brrrrr....

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