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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Bad Me

Well I went a whole week without blogging. Not that I did much that week. I continued to feel like shit thanks to my cold. Thursday I spent all day packing so we could go with my mom to the Paul Family Reunion in Corsicana, TX.

Oh and I swam a very little bit too. Not too much because I wanted to get over that darn cold. I roped my mom into swimming with the kids one or two days so that was nice. It let me get some things done like ironing.

Anyway we left for Texas Friday morning. Mom rented a van because with two kids, Mike, me and mom there was no way we could cram all of our stuff into her little Volvo. And let me tell you, that was money well spent. The van was wonderfully roomy. It was so nice to have Duncan in the back and Cal far away from him. I wanted to replace the Neon with a mid-size car but it looks like we'll succumb to the lure of a minivan.

The cheapie portable DVD player was also money well spent. We broke the drive up by stopping in Gainesville, TX at the Prime Outlets Mall. But Cal hates being in the car seat for long periods of time so having him watch The Wiggles while driving was fantastic. We stopped for lunch in Gainesville and discovered that the Kaybee Toys there had closed. I was afraid we'd get there and discover just that. Duncan was crushed. I was a little crushed too. I like looking at cheap toys. Where else can I get action figures for $2?

We had to console ourselves with purchasing too many books at 75% Off Books. It was nasty hot and humid in Gainesville but that didn't stop Cal from frolicking in the outdoor play area and trying to jump into the fountains.

After Gainesville we had the trek through Dallas traffic. It took about an hour and a half to get through Dallas and before too long we were in the tiny town of Kerens, TX at my cousin Priscilla's house. It was still nasty hot and humid.

Duncan had a blast playing with his cousin, Micala. Cal had a blast chasing after them. I didn't have quite so much of a blast chasing after Cal. I was really glad when the kids decided to go inside and I could partake of air conditioning once again.

On Saturday we went back to Corsicana and lovely Camp Wanika. This was the first year to have the Paul Family Reunion at Camp Wanika. Overall I was pleased with the location. We had a pool and it was a much larger pool than my cousin Joanne's (the reunion was always at her house in previous years). We also were able to eat indoors in the air-conditioned Lodge (it had a name but I can't for the life of me remember it). We did have to put up with having a lifeguard who made everyone take a swim test so she could tell you where you were allowed to swim. My brother and I managed to skip the test. Me because I was obviously charged with watching a toddler in the pool and my brother because he jumped into the deep end and started swimming before she could catch him. He was actually the first person in the pool and I think after she saw that he didn't drown she decided not to push him to take the test. Wise choice. She was a nice kid though.

My mom, as she does every year, spent her time at the Lodge chatting with the cousins she grew up with. We spent our time in the pool. Well there was that hour where it thundered and poured rain. That sucked. I was afraid we were going to be rained out and swimming the afternoon away is what Duncan looks forward to and I didn't relish keeping Cal entertained sans pool for several hours. Fortunately the rain let up and we were able to swim until we left around 5 pm, another successful Family Reunion under our belts.

We returned to Priscilla and Tommy's house and I decided taking Duncan and Micala to a movie in Corsicana would be a good way to spend the evening. Sadly there were only four movies playing in Corsicana and of the four Shrek 2 was the best bet. Mike, Duncan and I had already seen it but my brother and Micala hadn't. It was a good flick and I did miss the middle of the movie the first time around so here was a good opportunity to view Shrek 2 without a squirming Cal on my lap.

Sunday we left Priscilla and Tommy's house and headed to Dallas. We decided to get a hotel room, let the kids swim in the hotel pool, rest and take Mike out for dinner since it was Father's Day. I must admit after two nights on the floor at Priscilla's that hotel bed looked mighty inviting. Before we found a room, we hit a mall where the Dallas Children's Museum was located. The mall was nice but the Dallas children's Museum was lame. They need to find a wealthy benefactor and set up in a larger location. That mall space is too limiting when it comes to the interactive displays.

Monday morning we left Dallas and arrived in OKC by 3 pm central time. Max was extremely happy to see us. Cal was glad to be out of the car and I was glad to be home although not glad about the pitiful state of my house now that all of our travel gear had been dumped everywhere.

The rest of my week will be filled with domestic goddess chores. The weather here has been cool for June and it's not hot enough to swim in the pool. On the plus side I don't have to run my A/C. But that pool is sure going to be slimy when we finally are able to use it.

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