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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, May 31, 2004


I know, I know. I should have blogged about this yesterday. I was kind of half-doped on antihistamines though when the evening rolled around and I actually had time to blog. By then I wasn't up for it. Or at least I wasn't up for being very coherent.

Yesterday we didn't do a single productive thing. We went to the mall with my mom. Spent far too much money at Hot Topic. And you know what? Duncan was the sole recipient. Well someone else will be a recipient too but it wasn't me or Mike.

Mike introduced Duncan to the adventures of the Happy Tree Friends a while back. We found a DVD collecting their web shorts and bought that a couple of weeks ago. Hot Topic had a couple of stuffed dolls that (appropriately) fall apart in grotesque ways, a second DVD, a t-shirt in his size, and a throw. These last two items were on their 50 off rack so we got them dirt cheap. We didn't buy the fall apart doll though. We told him to put that on his Christmas list.

After the mall we went to Borders to pick up a gift certificate for Duncan's teacher. Every year we give his teacher a $40 gift certificate to borders as a "thanks for a great year" gift. I didn't find any books that I wanted to buy. Good thing too since I've got plenty to read here. We did pick up Buckaroo Banzai on DVD for $10 and that was way keen. I love that movie.

By the time we left Borders, Cal was being a cranky little shit because it was time for his nap. Once we got home, I laid down with him on the floor and we watched Monsters, Inc. until he fell asleep. For some reason he absolutely adores this movie and this must have been its 200th showing in our house. Oh, and he calls it "Big" instead of Monsters, Inc.

While we were napping, Mike and Duncan headed to my mother-in-law's house to see if she would watch Cal for a few hours while we went to a movie. She wasn't answering her phone. Luck was with us and they returned with Gayle. We had just enough time to make it to a 4:30 showing of Troy after dropping Duncan off at my mom's (he was spending the night).

Troy was a decent movie. I never got bored. It doesn't follow Homer's Iliad exactly but close enough to deserve that "inspired by" credit on the film. I must admit to remembering very little about The Iliad and The Odyssey. And then I don't think I ever had to read all of either one in school. Mike remembered more from his time taking Latin in high school.

The movie's biggest star is Brad Pitt, he plays Achilles. Now I must confess that Brad Pitt does nothing for me. Sure he's got a nice ass but I think he's kind of odd looking and his acting ability is damn average. So the scenes with Achilles being all studly and brooding made me roll my eyes. I knew of the character's eventual fate so I found myself longing for that fate to come quickly. Sadly, I had to wait until the end of the movie to see it happen. Bummer.

Eric Bana played Hector and he was much easier on the eyes. I was just sorry they didn't have him prance around nude as much as they did Brad Pitt. Ah well, it was probably in Pitt's contract that no one could be naked more than him in the movie.

One gripe about this movie. The women who played Helen and Andromachae (Hector's wife) were freakin' supermodels. Couldn't they have found actresses who weren't former supermodels for these roles? Did the director think that Helen had to have supermodel good looks to convince the audience that she was worth going to war over? Bleh. At least the chick who played Briseis (Rose Byrne) had normal good looks and she could act worth a darn.

Anyway I'm a sucker for period movies and Troy had enough battles and men in short skirts to satisfy my desire for swordplay and gawping at muscular legs. It doesn't stand up to the would I view it a second time test though. Having seen this movie once I can safely say that I won't purchase it and don't really see a need to watch it again.

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