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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Saturday, May 22, 2004

A Sand Filled Saturday

We've got this bare patch in our backyard. It's bare because last summer we scraped the top layer of dirt away to make the pool level. Unfortunately after we took the pool down the area remained mostly bare. When it rains it makes a nice mess of red Oklahoma mud. This gets tracked into the house by the dog when someone forgets and lets Max in through the back door. My carpet in the computer room is constantly being assaulted by dog and human red mud foot prints. I cleaned the carpet in that room again this week and have been rather stern about people tracking any kind of dirt in through the back door.

So my mother-in-law hatches the plan to cover that red dirt patch with some sand. We'll be putting up the pool again this year so it's not like any grass is going to grow there. To that end she ordered more than a ton of sand to be delivered this morning. It was my mother's day present she said. I was ambivalent figuring if it can keep the mud from being tracked on my carpet I could live with it.

Mike, Gayle (my mother-in-law) and Duncan slaved all day hauling wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load of sand to the backyard. I lucked out and had Cal wrangling duty so I only had to push around a little bit of sand with a rake. Keen.

The area still isn't finished but it looks like this year we're gonna be able to scoot the pool away from the concrete patio and fully into the yard thanks to the huge pile o' sand. It's got to be leveled. And there's a sizeable pile in the front yard as I type this. But they got a lot accomplished today and if it keeps that damn red mud off my carpet I'll be a happy camper.

More than a ton of sand....

More than a ton of sand, the view from the street.

The future site of our swimming pool.

posted by Tamara - 5:56 PM -- Link to this entry
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