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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Haircut Day!

Well it was time for Cal's first haircut. He was beginning to look a little too much like a mullet wearing boy so I decided we couldn't wait any longer. Time to bite the bullet and see just how fidgety the Lord of Chaos would be when it came time to cut the ol' hairs.

My mom suggested I take Duncan and Cal on the same day so Cal could see Duncan getting his hair cut. He loves doing whatever big brother does so it seemed like a sound plan. Duncan wasn't too keen on it though because he's never ready for a haircut. The sacrifices one must make when one is the eldest.

Duncan's haircut went off without a hitch of course. He's had plenty of 'em after all. Then it was time for Cal. He climbed up in that chair and did...okay. He fidgeted a bit but nothing like I thought he would. He didn't like the electric trimmer when it was near his ears. One time he fidgeted a bit too much and my dad took a little too much off the side with those same trimmers but other than that he did great.

I guess I should mention I'm darn lucky in that my dad is a barber. So it wasn't like Cal was getting a haircut from a stranger. He's comfortable with grandad so that probably helped quite a lot.

Duncan after removing a lot of hair.

Calvin after removing the mullet.

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