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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Saturday, May 29, 2004


Oh, I guess I should also mention how The Day After Tomorrow was, huh? Only go see this movie if you're a really big fan of the disaster movie genre. Otherwise this flick is high cheese.

It wasn't so bad that I left the theater feeling I'd wasted two hours of my life but if I'd paid for the thing I would have been disappointed. Actually I probably wouldn't have been disappointed because I can't imagine going into that movie thinking it would be good. So I guess even if I had paid to see it (which I wouldn't have) I would have come away feeling like I'd gotten exactly what I expected. Does that make sense? Anyway, it's a silly movie, avoid it if you get the chance.

Yesterday I subbed at Coronado for Tracey's assistant. Only half a day and it was an easy half day at that. I went back around 2 pm to help Tracey film one of her students for their portfolio (state requires this). That was a hoot. She had to show him using a vending machine. Don't ask me. That's one of the state mandated tasks.

He does great with the task and then when it comes time to video him making his selection at the machine and getting the soda pop, the stupid vending machine messes up. It's not recognizing the quarters he puts in so when he punches the button nothing happens. Talk about screwing with a mentally retarded kid's mind. We finally got the machine to work and the kid to do all the steps so all was good. The mess ups were pretty damn funny and I told Tracey she needs to start saving blooper footage from all of these portfolio videos she makes.

This last bit of filming took long enough that I just stayed at school until it let out and walked home with Duncan and Ryan. Then it was off to Tae Kwan Do and mom's house.

I stopped at the grocery store before going to mom's to pick up a few things so I could make home made enchiladas and tacos for dinner. It's tough to make just a few enchiladas so I made them at mom's so she could eat too. Tracey came over as well but we still had a *ton* left over. Duncan is happy about that because he wants to eat enchiladas for dinner again tonight.

While I was cooking the enchiladas, I started having a nifty allergy attack. As the evening wore on it just got worse so by the time we made it home around 9ish, I was ready for more antihistamines and bed. And you know what? That's exactly what I did. So I'm very well-rested today and, so far, allergy attack free.

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