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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, April 19, 2004

Time’s a Wastin’

Yep, three weeks out of commission and I'm ready for it to be over. It's definitely time to get back into the normal groove of the Hodge Lodge.

Mom came over again this morning. I told her she didn't have to but said she was more than welcome to come if she wanted. Dad is off on Mondays and I knew she might enjoy the opportunity to get out of the house. So she arrived at her usual early morning time but I made sure I was the drill sergeant who got Duncan out of bed. I made his lunch too. And we walked to school today. Woo hoo!

It's kind of sad though. I walk so much slower. Not my usual brisk, 'get your ass in gear, Duncan' pace. Oh well, I'm only starting week three of being out of the hospital after all.

Let's see...I didn't blog at all this weekend. What did we do? Not much really. Saturday Mike went to work in the morning. The kids and I took it easy until he came home around lunchtime. Duncan wanted to go to McDonald's for lunch so we met mom there and had a horribly average McD's lunch. Cal likes the tubes though so it wasn't too bad.

After that we headed home and I picked up twigs and limbs in the back yard. Filled a huge garbage can with 'em. Mike mowed the front and back yard and trimmed the hedge in the front of the house. Finally! That thing has been lopsided since we moved in. And Duncan likes the fact that now the limbs won't scratch at his window when it's windy.

We headed to mom's around 5 pm so Mike could help my dad put their new freezer up on appliance rollers. Then all of us and mom went to Cici's Pizza for dinner. I had intended to eat at home and then take the kids to mom's but my dad just had to get that freezer done right now, hence dinner at Cici's.

Then Mike and I went to see Kill Bill vol. 2.. It was good. I thought it was as good as the first one but with more of a focus on talking and not quite as much gore. Don't get me wrong. There was violence and fighting a plenty. And the fight scene with Beatrix (Uma Thurman) and Elle (Darryl Hannah) was a blast and just a wee bit gross. But you got more backstory and Bill (David Carradine) is a chatty guy.

I must also say that Darryl Hannah played a fantasically twisted bad guy. I didn't know she had it in her. I knew she could do creepy. Pris in Blade Runner was ultra-creepy after all. But she was so wonderful as a bad guy. I wonder if she'll have a whole new career playing them now?

In short, I enjoyed Kill Bill Vol. 2 just as much as Vol. 1 but will be waiting to purchase both of these movies when they come out with the ultra-spiffy combined DVD set that's bound to have even more goodies.

After the movie, it was time to pick up the kids and head home. I did my Beyond Uber update and then went to bed.

Sunday everyone slept in. Mike and Duncan skipped church school so we decided to forego cooking breakfast at home and go to the Hungry Frog.

After breakfast, we headed home and I proceeded to tidy our living room while the kids played outside. Mike played with them and read the paper. During Cal's naptime we watched two episodes of Alias.

At 2 pm I sat in on an on-line chat. I didn't say much but spent the time listening and updating the E-scribblers web site. On-line chats where most of the participants are voicing are difficult. I've really got to be in the mood for them. If I'm feeling anti-social (and, let's face it, that's me 80% of the time) I end up just sitting back and listening. It was fun hearing the different accents though. And it gave me something to listen to while I formatted stories for the site, which is fairly tedious so aural entertainment is a must.

I begged off after finishing my site update (around 4:30) and we went to the comic book store. Not being able to drive has put a crimp in my usual picking up comics schedule. Of course, the fact that I've got four short boxes full of comics I still need to read doesn't make getting there urgent but I like to be somewhat consistent. Sometimes there are issues that come in that I haven't ordered and if I wait too long they may not be on the shelves by the time I get in.

After the comic store, it was home and fixing dinner and doing the dishes. I watched a little t.v. and eventually did my Beyond Uber update.

I stayed up later than I intended. Well, I stayed on the computer longer than I intended. Calvin wasn't cooperating with my planned activities for the evening because the little shit wouldn't go to sleep. The way things are going for me lately even if I wanted to have another kid I'd be looking at turning forty before I ever conceived. *sigh* Keep your fingers crossed that tonight Cal is more cooperative.

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