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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

A Short Ramble About My Dad

I was chatting with my mom today and, as she is wont to do, she regaled me with another tale of my father's nuttiness. Okay, he's not really nutty. He's somewhat eccentric. Yeah, eccentric sounds more sane.

Anyway, my mom informs me that dad went on a forty minute drive (both ways) to pick up a $5 prescription. Now the kicker is the prescription probably cost $5 because of the particular drugstore he went to. Supposedly it's some super duper discount drug store and being my dad he can't pass up any kind of deal. Of course, he never factors in his time or the wear and tear on the car or the gas. But by golly he's gotten a few dollars off that prescription.

Mind you, this is the same man who saves the old storm windows from their house because he's going to take the aluminum to the recycling center and get a few dollars. He ends up storing them in the garage with all the other odds and ends that he's been saving and, of course, they never actually make it to the recycling center. But his frugal little heart was in the right place.

Oh, he also doesn't go to a regular dentist. He spends all day at the dental college having his teeth worked on by dental students. This way he can be assured the dentist isn't doing unneccesary things to his teeth. And I think it's cheaper. Heck, it might even be free.

Now this isn't really a frugality issue but my dad also likes to dig through the kitchen trash. We have a curbside recyling program and they specify that only plastics marked with a one or a two are eligible for recyling. So mom, being a good directions follower chunks any plastics without either of those two numbers. My dad though is a rebel. He'll search the trash religiously for any plastic containers and dutifully drop them in the recycling bucket. I'm not sure why he does this. Maybe he thinks the city's recyling program arbitrarily picked one and two simply to cut down on the amount of plastic they would have to recyle. And by willfully disregarding this directive he's shafting it to the man by making them recyle everything he can find.

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