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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, March 01, 2004

A Scanning We Will Go

Went to the lab today to have my boobs squished and my gall bladder ultra-sounded. Both were painless and relatively quick.

What? Getting your boobs squished was pain free? Well, yeah, it was. Not that I was horribly worried but I had been warned by many people that they squeeze the crap out of 'em. But the place I went has a new digital machine that doesn't do that. Sure, they have to compress the tit to keep it in place but there was no discomfort involved.

The lady who did the mammogram was very nice. I didn't mind that she had to move my boobs on to the little plexiglass plate at all. I mean, her hands were warm and that's always a bonus. She was very respectful of my boob space so to speak. Anyway, Friday I'll see if they want me to go back for more squishing or not.

The ultrasound of my gall bladder actually happened first but I thought I'd lead with the more memorable event. Ultrasounds are painless. They end up just being a trifle icky because of that gel you have to clean off after it's over. Other than that I did a lot of deep breaths and holding it while she rolled that scanner thing all around my rib cage and sternum. I'm really hoping my gall bladder shows up as being ready to come out. Again, I probably won't find out the results of that until later in the week also.

And tomorrow I go in for another ultrasound but this time of my stomach. My doctor likes to rule out the stomach when it comes to gastro-intestinal pain. I couldn't have that test done today because I had to refrain from eating or drinking anything to have the gall bladder scanned. With the stomach ultrasound I have to go in with a full bladder. Fun, huh?

I've done that have an ultra sound with a full bladder and it's no fun. They make you do that when you have your pregnancy ultrasounds. I never knew how good it could feel to pee until after I went through a pregnancy ultrasound. You can't imagine the discomfort as the tech is rolling that wand around your pregnant belly, pressing on your bladder every other pass. I swear when it came time to piss it felt better than sex.

Hopefully tomorrow won't be quite so bad. It's not like I'll have a fetus inside me helping press on the bladder from the inside.

posted by Tamara - 8:40 PM -- Link to this entry
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