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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Saturday, March 27, 2004

My Evil GB Update

As you know my gall bladder is still in residence in my body. I went to see the surgeon on Wednesday so he could explain a bit about the surgery I'm going to have. It seems my gb is quite odd in that it has wrapped around my duodenum. He had no clue how my duodenum came to be pushed up that high but after the appointment I came to the conclusion that all of this bad stuff with my innards happened while I was pregnant.

During the last month and a half to two months of my pregnancy with Cal I was plagued with the worst gall bladder attacks. But I figured I'd tough it out so that I wouldn't have to risk the pregnancy by going under anesthesia. With each week bringing at least four or five days of attacks I'm sure that gb was pretty damn inflamed. And with the baby squishing all of my internal organs I'm sure it was an easy matter for gb and duodenum to meet and form a fast friendship. After Cal was born I was gb attack free for well over a year but I bet if I'd gone ahead and had the thing checked out it would have been in the same situation it's in now.

This makes the surgery a bit trickier because the surgeon has to remove the gb without tearing a hole in the duodenum. If he does perforate the duodenum he can use intestinal tissue from further along the tract to patch the hole. However, the duodenum is a finicky little shit and the patch may not take. If this happens I could be looking at still another surgery to remove part of my stomach and reattach bits and pieces in different places. Fun, huh? All of that is worst case scenario of course and he just wants me to be prepared but let me tell ya, that really depressed me.

I don't want to have another surgery and I especially don't want to lose part of my stomach. I guess on the plus side I'd never have to worry about a weight problem. Stomach reduction surgery is a sure fire way to keep the pounds off. But I've never wanted to be in a position to even have to go through that kind of surgery let alone have it when I don't even need it.

So I'm a little worried. Not 'tossing and turning in my sleep' worried but I'm sure as the surgery date approaches (April 2) I'll get more apprehensive. Now I won't get so apprehensive that I won't go through with it. Heck, no. I want that gb out and as the organs are, the gb is in danger of forming a fistula and passing that stone into my instestinal tract where it would block up the works entirely, thus requiring surgery. I'll worry up until the day of the surgery and then when it's time to go through with it I'll be calm and ready to go.

I'm looking at a major incision on my abdomen so the surgeon can have a good look and see what's going on in there. I'll also be in the hospital for at least five days. Maybe less if I do well. I hope I do well. I'm healthy (except for my evil gb) and I'm a good patient. I'll do my best to think positive thoughts at my duodenum. I want it to be as stubborn as my gb and hang on so it can stay in my warm squishy innards. But that gb. It's coming out. I wonder if the surgeon would stomp on it if I asked him to....

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