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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Friday & Saturday at the Hodge Lodge

I fully intended to post more than my comics for the week yesterday but with one thing and another I didn't get around to it and then I was too tired to be coherent. Ah well, Sunday is a good catch up day.

Let's see...Friday I went to see the general surgeon who is going to remove my full of stones gall bladder. Yep, the ultra sound came back with proof that I have indeed been having gall bladder attacks. So I went in and saw the surgeon for maybe five minutes and he gave me some lovely brochures complete with pictures on how exactly they remove that pesky, sick gb.

I could be well on my way to surgery (Monday) but unfortunately the pelvic ultrasound showed that I have an ovarian cyst and my ob-gyn wants to check it out at the same time I have my gb surgery. So two docs, two minor procedures but they most coordinate their schedules so they can do it on the same day. *sigh* I'm waiting for a call back this week from the surgeon's nurse. I think it won't happen until at least next week because I started my period on Friday and I'm thinking that might hinder my ob-gyn's procedure. I could be wrong but common sense says I'm right.

The only down side to this is I must refrain from taking ibuprofen at least a week before the surgery. That's been easy to do so far because my gall bladder must sense it's not long for this world and it's been behaving. No attacks in two weeks now which is wonderful. But I must say that Tylenol just doesn't work as well as ibuprofen on cramps.

After the doctor's appointment, mom and I went to Borders where I picked up a Wiggles CD for Cal and a cheesy paperback for me. Oh, and I also bought the Cold Mountain soundtrack. The movie was just okay but I loved the music.

Then that evening we went to the Coronado Heights Elementary Winter Carnival. The dinner this year was catered by On the Border, a chain Mexican restaurant popular in this region. I was surprised at how good the food was. It was certainly the best catered Carnival day dinner we've had.

The rest of the time was spent chasing Calvin and watching Duncan play cheesy games in various classrooms. Mike and I did a turn running the "Wheel of Fortune" game in Duncan's classroom. We tried to do it with Cal in the room with us so Mom could keep playing Bingo but the little shit kept escaping under the desks and running into the hallway. I kept having to vault over the desks and chase after him. Once time I whacked the back of my thigh really good on one of the desks and I've now got a helluva bruise there. After about six desk vaulting incidents I took Cal to mom and she walked him around the school and let him play a few simple games.

All in all, it was a fun evening and Cal was tired enough by the end of it that he slept straight through the night until 7:30 the next morning. Amazing! I think I need to chase him around the house about twenty times every evening before bed and get him really tuckered out.

Saturday was a STAR OKC meeting day. Our business meeting was short and mainly consisted of us finalizing plans for meeting at the Medieval Fair in April.

Jerry Wall, owner of Atomic Comics, spoke with us after the business meeting and he seems like a helluva nice guy. If I weren't hopelessly loyal to New World Comics I would probably drive to the South Side to spend money at his shop every week. He seems to have a good philosophy toward selling comics and he's committed to a diverse product line.

We spent a pleasant hour or so chatting about comics history especially as relates to Julius Schwartz and his contributions. There were, of course, frequent tangents about other comics and pop culture/SF related things. It ended up being a lot of fun.

After the meeting everyone headed over to a local Chinese buffet place for dinner. Mike and I didn't go because we weren't hungry and I dislike most of the Chinese buffet places that have sprung up all over OKC. Instead we went to get the kids from mom's and headed home.

The rest of our evening was uneventful. Oh, we did go out to eat later with Tracey and Savanah. The food was average but the company was nice.

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