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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, March 12, 2004

Ack! It’s Friday!

I didn't blog all week. Not even a bit. Horrible of me.

Hmmm...well, it's been a pretty quiet week here at the Hodge Lodge. Duncan was home sick with a nasty cold on Tuesday. He felt poorly on Monday as well so we didn't go to Tae Kwan Do. Wednesday went swimmingly until it came time to drive Ryan and Duncan to Tae Kwan Do and I hit a car.

Yep, you read that right. I hit a car. And it's not even as exciting as it sounds. The neighbor across the street has a frequent visitor who likes parking his truck on the street. When we pull out we have to be very careful not to hit it. Well, I wasn't paying attention when I was pulling out. I was thinking more about getting the kids to Tae Kwan Do and I ended up backing into the parked truck. And the guy was sitting in his truck at the time.

It was really stupid and to make matters worse it made the kids late for Tae Kwan Do. I ended up asking my mother-in-law to take them so I could give the guy all of my car insurance information. And then while we were making the switch Max, the little shit, ran out of the house and down the street, ignoring all calls to return. I couldn't chase after him because Cal was asleep in the house and he couldn't be left. So Gayle and the boys hopped in her car and found him. They returned him about 4:30. Unfortunately this is the time Tae Kwan Do starts and they obviously weren't there yet. All in all, a horrible forty minutes.

Thursday Mike went to the dentist to have his top wisdom teeth removed. The wisdom teeth on bottom never came in and his top ones were growing longer with no lower teeth to impede their progress. The dentist suggested they be removed now because they'd cause him problems later.

I took him to the dentist at 9 am and he was out of there by 10. Pretty quick. He had a numb jaw and two bloody wads of gauze to show for his morning. So we got the prescription filled for pain pills and went home. Mike took the rest of the day off because he didn't know how many problems he'd have after having two teeth pulled. It turned out that he did just fine. He ate soft foods for lunch and dinner and only took three pain pills during the course of the day.

Then after running to Target and eating lunch with mom, she and Cal and I drove to Edmond so I could have yet another test done. My mammogram showed some masses in my right breast so I was sent to Breast Imaging of Oklahoma to have an ultrasound done on the hinky boob.

I ended up getting there around 2:20 (my appointment was at 2:30) but sat in the waiting room for at least thirty minutes before I was finally called back to the warren of corridors where all the machines and doctors are. I had to remove my shirt and bra (of course) and put on this lovely long cape thing and wait a bit more.

I finally got into the room with the ultrasound machine, the doc arrived shortly after I did and proceeded to scan that puppy. She talked to me a bit first about what she thought the masses were after viewing the mammogram--fibroadenoma. After getting KY jelly all over my right boob she confirmed her diagnosis, measured the two masses and let me wipe up. All of that took probably ten minutes.

She then talked to me a bit about what fibroadenoma are. I was a little familiar with them already because my mother has had the same thing although hers were discovered later in life. She actually had one removed and has had another biopsied. Mine were not detectable through a traditional breast exam so they weren't hard and I haven't been experiencing any discomfort so I opted for the ultrasound every six months for two years. They keep an eye on the masses and if they see a marked increase in size we move on to a needle biopsy. If the needle biopsy shows something to be concerned about then we talk surgery. So for now nothing to worry about and driving to Edmond for an ultrasound of my right boob isn't a hardship.

After that we returned home and Cal and I did some chores. Mike and Duncan got home from Chess Club around 4:45 and we decided to go eat with Mom because Duncan and Mom (and his Nana Gayle) were going to see Yanni. Mike had been tapped to attend intially but he was having none of that and suggested Gayle ask my mom instead. Lucky for Mike, mom was thrilled to go. All I could do was sit back and laugh, secure in the knowledge that I wasn't ever going to be in the running for that little bit of torture.

Mike, Cal and I had a pleasant evening at home watching Survivor and playing on the computer. I had a nice chat with a new on-line friend although I missed talking with my usual chat buddy, Elisa. But she was in Portland, Oregon getting ready to be married today. Woo hoo! She's finally making an honest woman of the Cute Pixie. Too cool.

So that was pretty much my week. Well, there was a bit of drama on Monday and Tuesday involving The Sandbox 101 web site but I think that's all shaken out and we're moving along in a new direction with hopefully less stress. I'm pretty excited about it anyway. Everyone seems more relaxed now and it's freed us up to do some things we couldn't do before. So I'll keep you posted.

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