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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I subbed for Tracey today. She took today off to work on those portfolios again.

Being Tuesday it was a math and writing day. I think I'm actually getting better at the math stuff but I'm sure I still suck when it comes to writing help. The high school kids came and helped out once again. It's a Tuesday and Thursday gig for the Leadership class from Putnam City HS. They're all really good with Tracey's kids and let me tell you Susie and I loved having them there to help. It's tough sometimes to get through all of the table times some days and it's nice to give these kids some teaching tasks that get a few of those lessons out of the way.

Music was the special today and since more leadership kids came in the afternoon I wussed out and didn't go. Yeah, I'm bad. It's not that I have to go though. Actually that hour is Tracey's planning time. But when I'm there I usually go and tell Susie she can hang around the class and get anything done she needs to. The last couple of times I've subbed we've both gone to specials so I figured it would be okay if I skipped Music. That and there were three other people to help.

After school Duncan and I came home and relieved mom. She'd had a day full of Calvin being very cranky due to teething. I came home and gave him something to dry up his snotty nose and dosed him with more ibuprofen for his high temp. He settled down after that and wandered around the house messing in things.

I was too lazy to cook dinner so when Mike got home we went out to eat. Yes, I'm horrible. But it was easy and I'm tired today thanks to Cal's teething woes the night before. I ended up sleeping in our teepee/tent with him from about 3 am on and boy did I sleep like shit. Some nights I can sleep quite well in the tent but this wasn't one of them. I really wanted a nap after lunch but alas, I had to be responsible and actually teach the kids something. I wonder if I'd come back from lunch, laid down with the kids for nap time and fallen asleep, if they would have woken me up. Yeah, probably. I'm sure my snoring would have forced them to.

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