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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Three Hours of Chicken and Boredom

Last night was the fabulous Blue and Gold banquet. What the heck is that? It's the Cub/Boy Scouts end of the year banquet where everyone is moved up to the next level of scouting.

The thing was scheduled to start at 6:30 and was held at a local Oklahoma City church--one that looked to be mighty conservative if you took their literature to heart. We ended up getting there a little late but that was okay since it didn't get going until close to 7:00. So we sat at the long table with Duncan's group of Wolf cubs and settled in for an evening of pageantry and bad food.

First, since it's the Boy Scouts, we got a prayer. We were even told to "bow your heads". That sure brought back memories of Sundays at the Baptist Church. Then the pack leader chatted at us for a bit and they did the whole bringing in the colors ceremony. Then some chick got up and gave a sad speech about donating to Scouts--"Family Friends of Scouting". It really was quite a hoot. Did you know Scouting beats our juvenile system hands down? They really should find a better speaker because I can't see that her approach to fund-raising would raise much money.

After that we finally got to start lining up for dinner. Of course we were at the second to last table so we sat for quite awhile to let the tables ahead of us get their $5 meal. And what a meal it was. Fried chicken (okay, not bad), mashed potatoes and gravy (again, goes with fried chicken), creamed corn (okay, a green veggie might have been nice and creamed corn??? what's wrong with uncreamed corn?), macaroni & cheese (???), cole slaw (again, that goes with fried chicken although I hate cole slaw), cold rolls and hot butter.

By the time we got to the line the chicken was no longer warm. It wasn't quite cold not having been refrigerated. It was probably more room temperature. I think the hottest thing on my plate ended up being the creamed corn. Now I don't mind creamed corn. Truly. But I know most people think it's kinda icky. Why not pick something less starchy like green beans? Everyone likes green beans, don't they? The macaroni and cheese--yes, more starch--could have doubled as a denture adhesive.

Then after dinner it was time for the cakes. Every family supplies their own dessert in the form of a decorated cake. The theme this year was Native American Indians. Last year the theme was log cabins or something like that. I didn't attend and didn't want to mess with a cake so I sent brownies with Mike and Duncan. Those were meant to represent the first phase of log cabin building--dirt. I actually made a cake this year. It was a really small cake made from the batter left over from making cupcakes for Duncan's Valentine's Day party at school. Now before you freak out and say "oh my god! that's one old cake!" I made the cake and froze it so it was still okay.

Anyway, I colored the icing green and we put a little toy Indian on a horse on top of it. Oh, and a plastic shrub and cactus. It was truly a sad, green sight but by golly it was decorated with a Native American Indian theme. Oh, and I should mention that the second cake crumbled apart on one side when I tried to remove it from the pan so I took those bits and piled them all up so the cake looked like a wacky green hill. And who says I'm not creative?

The best thing about the cakes was each cake was given an award. Duncan received Best Native American on a Hill. The kid who brought a Harry Potter cake got...you guessed it, Best Harry Potter. What a hoot.

After cakey fun it was time to hand out all the awards and badges that the kids earned over the course of the year. Then they took their new oath for moving up a notch and had a group picture taken. That went pretty fast.

Then came the long bit. The ceremony for moving Webelos up to full-fledged Boy Scouts. This was some ceremony let me tell you. The lights were dimmed, someone started beating on a drum and in walked the Boy Scouts in Native American Indian regalia. They even had a whole ritual story and they brought the Webelos in connected to one another at the wrist by rope. Then they blabbed on a bit about what it takes to move from the kiddie table to the adult table (not really like that but you get the picture) and cut each boy free from the rope. They had to recite an oath and were then each gifted with a truly Native American decorated plexiglass arrow. And that was the end of the hoopla. I read through most of this ceremony.

Finally our night was over by about 9:30. I think the pack leader was tired as well because they never did retire the colors. Instead everyone was asked to help put the tables and chairs away. We drove home and then Mike went to get Cal who thankfully fell asleep on the return trip and that was our Friday evening.

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