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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Thursday, February 26, 2004

That Ol’ KY Jelly Feelin’

I went to the doctor today for my yearly exam. You know, that put your feet in the stirrups and spread 'em exam. Actually I saw the nurse practioner and not my Ob-gyn. I figured since I wasn't pregnant and nothing much was going on with me ill health-wise the nurse practioner would do just fine. She's quick and she doesn't squish the hell out of my boobs when she's doing the breast exam which is a bonus.

I also talked with her about my gall bladder. So next Monday and Tuesday I will be going in for a mammogram and some sonograms on my gb and my stomach. Dr. Huff (my ob-gyn) likes to check the stomach out as well just to make sure the stomach pains associated with a gb attack aren't really stomach problems rather than gb problems. I'm 98% certain mine is the gall bladder but I should have conclusive proof next week some time.

Then I'm hoping I can schedule an appointment to have it removed. I'm tired of the twice weekly attacks I've been having lately. They wreck my evening and a really bad one can wipe me out the next day as well.

So now I'm walking around with that squishy, icky KY jelly feeling in my crotch. Mike asked if they'd let you bring your own lube. Yeah, I can see it now, "Ummm...would you mind using my water-based lube? I like it much better than KY because it doesn't stay around for hours afterward and leave me feeling like I just wet my pants." I'm sure that would go over really well.

posted by Tamara - 12:29 PM -- Link to this entry
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