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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

A Ramble for the Blog

A couple of weeks ago in a discussion group that I belong to, someone asked a question along the lines of what was the highlight of your week. I answered quite seriously that I was happy I had gotten my kitchen floor mopped. Yep, and I bet you're probably thinking the same thing some of them said. Namely what?!? that was the highlight of your week?!?

Well, yeah. But you see the thing you don't realize is when you're trying to mop a floor with a very active one year old around, actually completing the job is an accomplishment of monumental proportions.

You tell me how you're supposed to complete the task of mopping your kitchen when the child is playing in the mop water. How are you supposed to mop when he's lying on his belly making swimming motions and rubbing his hands in the nice, wet floor? What do you do when he walks in a spot you've just finished, slips, lands on his butt and cries for all he's worth?

This is why mopping the floor for me was done in two stages. Stage one began while Cal was napping. Stage two began after putting Cal back to sleep when he woke from his nap far too early. And even then the little turd woke up before the floor was dry and did everything I described above.

So when someone tells you the highlight of their week is getting their floor mopped. Think again before you exclaim in shock and amazement. In fact, I'm kind of hoping that can be the highlight of my week this week.

posted by Tamara - 8:08 PM -- Link to this entry
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