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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, January 11, 2004

STAR OKC Day & Sunday

We had a looong day yesterday with the Scholastic Chess Tournament in Edmond and the STAR OKC Meeting. Duncan and three other students from the Coronado Heights Elementary Chess Club made it to UCO for the tournament. None of them placed but I think they all had fun. In five games played, Duncan managed to lose three and play two to a draw. Not bad considering it was his first tournament against kids his own age.

After lunch Mike, Calvin and I left Mom and Duncan to the rest of the tournament and drove back to OKC to attend the STAR OKC meeting. Mike, being the only member foolish enough to volunteer to be President for 2004, was presiding so he really couldn't skip it for the chess tournament.

We were going to drop Cal off at Tracey's for the few hours we were at the meeting but he fell asleep on the drive back to OKC so I called Tracey and told her we'd keep him with us and see how he did. I was hoping he would sleep through the meeting—we're not very loud after all—but not long after I sat down he woke up. I ended up going around the room during the meeting following him as he toddled around and, you know, he did all right. He was good and entertained himself quite well for the hour and a half to two hours we were there.

The chess tournament ended before the meeting did so mom and Duncan dropped by the meeting to get Cal just as he was starting to get a bit feisty. Perfect timing!

I think the meeting went fairly well. Mike tossed out some ideas of things we can do with the club this year. Since our membership hasn't really grown at all the past several years Mike wants to get the club more involved with other clubs in the area. He figures combining our fun might help revitalize STAR and make things more interesting for everyone involved. We'll see if we can get other clubs interested in participating with us.

After the meeting adjourned we left to pick up my comics. I only had four comics this week and one was a reorder from last week. I don't think that's ever happened to me before. Not since I was in high school anyway and then I was buying comics every two weeks when I got my paycheck. I managed to pad out my purchase with a couple of other comics and a statue for a friend's very late Christmas present. Now I can finally get that package mailed to Washington!

We went home and got Duncan, Cal and mom and headed over to Cocina de Mino to meet with the STAR people for dinner. The food was okay—typical Tex Mex. I prefer eating my Tex Mex at Los Amigos but the vote went against me. Bummer.

After dinner we headed over to Mouse and Steve's house in Edmond (yes, back to Edmond) to chat and watch some movies. Mark, our esteemed VP and Galactic Gazette Editor, brought a selection of cheesy and not-so-cheesy movies. Mouse picked The Mighty Gorga a movie so cheesy Mark said it should have been called The Mighty Gorgonzola. I did have a huge amount of fun watching it though. I love sitting in a room with friends MST3King a bad movie.

So back home by 10 pm, spent an hour doing the Beyond Uber update and went to bed a little after midnight. Cal has been teething this past week, however, and he slept fitfully all night long. My gall bladder decided to attack me as well last night so I slept on the floor in the living room so I wouldn't bother Mike while he was dealing with teething baby in our bed. Needless to say we both had a shitty night. Make that all three of us. But the day was quite fun so it all evens out I guess.

Today we didn't do much of anything. Mike and I were kinda tired. Mike was more tired and, as a result, a trifle cranky. Brian and his pal, Dalton came over in the afternoon. After Mike and Brian chatted a bit and Duncan and Dalton played outside we took everyone over to McDonald's so the kids could play in the tubes.

Then it was back home and puttering. All in all, a lazy but relaxing Sunday.

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