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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, January 09, 2004

My Wonderfully Exciting Day

Well, Duncan's room is officially tidy. How long will this last? Probably a week at most. I really need to be more of a harridan mom and enforce that 'keep your room' picked up rule.

I did manage to return the bed in a bag today that my brother gave me for Christmas. Now, don't look at the screen with a frowny face. I didn't return it return it. I exchanged it. The one he bought was for a queen sized bed and I only have a full. Plus, the pattern was kinda icky. I found another pattern in the same brand that I could have lived with but, wouldn't you know it, they didn't have any in full size.

So I wandered around the store and found another bed in a bag that cost a few bucks more and that I liked much better. The comforter graces my bed right now although the sheets will not be used until the weather warms up a bit. I can't live without my flannel sheets in the winter. They're soooo warm.

Then mom, Cal and I went to Target so I could pick up some toilet paper. I also managed to buy some Superman boxers. They're way keen. I don't really need any more boxers but if it's got the big S on it I can't resist. I also picked up a black camisole/tee shirt type thingie to wear under this sweater I have that's kinda holey. I know. My life is super exciting. I can hardly stand it sometimes.

I managed to get mom to take Cal home with her since she would get him anyway when I took Duncan to Tae Kwan Do after school. This allowed me to put everything I bought away, wash several loads of clothes and finish the aforementioned terribly messy room. This last bit was important because I know the job has taken longer than it needed to mainly because Cal has a tendency to pull crap out just as soon as I put it away.

Then Max and I walked to school to pick up Duncan. We didn't leave soon enough though because we met Duncan about halfway to the school. Max sure likes the walk but I get impatient waiting for him to pee on things. He spends for fucking ever sniffing. Eventually I just tell him "too late, we're movin' on, shoulda peed faster."

Tae Kwan Do time affords me a little space to read and I did so. Started to get sleepy about thirty minutes into my book so I went to mom's to wake myself up.

After Tae Kwan Do we headed home, had a nice dinner and I spent some quiet time in the bedroom looking over a friend's story. I've got three chapters and need to get my suggested changes to her this weekend.

So that's my Friday. I didn't get to the comic shop today (or yesterday, my usual comic shop day). This week's list of comics for me is really short—like four comics. What is the world coming to?

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