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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, January 26, 2004

My Exciting Friday

I subbed for Tracey's assistant Friday at Coronado. This was an especially good Friday to sub because the big event for the day was a field trip to the grocery store.

So my day began a little earlier than usual. Duncan and I were only a little late to school—have to be there by 8:30 am. But that turned out to be okay because Tracey was late too.

Friday mornings everyone goes to the gym for Cougar Celebration. Singing, morning announcements, weekly awards and other reconitions are all handled in front of the entire student body. It's actually a lot of fun and a highlight of the week for the kids.

This Friday's Cougar Celebration was quicker than usual because the principal was out sick. Fortunate too because most of the songs the music teacher chose for everyone to sing were really lame. I'm sorry but dirge-like hymns about citizenship are not the way to pump kids up for the day.

After Cougar Celebration we trooped back to the room and got the kids ready for the field trip. A few of the kids are able to shop semi-independently and take a handwritten (by them) grocery list instead of the picture list. The only snag in the handwritten notes was when the kid couldn't actually read what they had written. Not through poor handwriting skills but because they haven't added those words to their vocabularly.

I also had to bitch about using "luncheon meat" on the grocery lists. Luncheon meat? Nobody says that. Don't expect kids to remember it let alone be able to spell it. Say it with me...lunch meat.

My kid did fairly well at the grocery store. This was the first trip of the year hence his first trip ever. As a result I had to prompt him through the entire process. But he only ran into another shopper's cart once and the shelves twice so I think it went well.

After we returned to the school, we sat down to make lunch out of the items that were purchased. The adults always get to make their sandwiches first. Through experience Tracey came to realize that you didn't always feel like eating the sandwich fixings after the kids got through with them.

Cal and mom went on the field trip and he had a fun time wandering around Tracey's room and playing with her lego table. he and mom ended up leaving before the kids were finished eating though. Cal couldn't resist going after the contents of the kids' plates and cups. It's not that he was hungry either. He just wanted to taste a little bit of everything and make a mess.

After lunch the kids had rest time and then we took them out for about thirty minutes of recess.

Then it was time for specials—Music today. As I've mentioned before, not my favorite but the music teacher is nice and actually gears her lessons toward their strengths and weaknesses. The last ten minutes or so of the class we watched a Wee Sing video and I started to doze off.

Once specials are over the day is almost done so we headed back to class and I supervised the kids as they watched a Blue's Clues video. Tracey continued to clean out the snack supplies cabinet. A tiny mouse had been wreaking havoc in there and eaten a few prime snacks.

The kids boarded the bus and Duncan and I headed home to get ready for Tae Kwan Do. Duncan wasn't too excited about attending class because he had a bad day Friday. The morning started well but he got two strikes against him in the afternoon and, as a result, didn't receive any candy treats at the end of the day. He explained to me that he had been unjustly accused of making strange noises in class but it was really the girl who sits behind him. However, I wouldn't be surprised if he was laughing at those strange noises thereby making himself a nice big target. He'll learn.

He ended up being in a much better mood after Tae Kwan Do. We met up at mom's after class and headed to dinner.

Back home, kids' bath time, brownie baking for the Boy Scout Space Derby and goofing off on the computer comprised the rest of my evening. Exciting, huh?

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