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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Activities

Friday we had a lazy day at the Hodge Lodge. We puttered around the house and decided we'd head out to Target so Mike could get something exciting with his $20 gift certificate. He ended up buying a games pack for his pocket PC and Jet - Get Born. Yeah, both were much more than $20 but he intended to get the Jet album at Best Buy with his gift certificates but they were completely sold out.

Then it was off to Barnes & Noble so I could spend my super-exciting $10 gift certificate from STAR OKC. I ended up getting BTVS: Tales of the Slayer, vol. 3. And thus endeth the great gift certificate spending spree.

So after that we came back and tidied up the living room. I folded a bunch of clothes and we were just generally productive. I also watched a few episodes of from my Xena Warrior Princess Season 1 DVD set—a Christmas gift from mom.

Most important task completed that day—Mike got all of the Christmas stuff put away in the attic. Hooray!

I had no gall bladder attack Friday. I still ate rice and toast for dinner though because I was really happy that I didn't have one during the day and didn't want to jinx myself and have one at night.

On Saturday I was feeling pretty good and dared to have the chicken and rice lunch at The Athens Restaurant. Then Mike and I went to see In America.

In America was a much better movie than Cold Mountain. It was a quieter movie for one. There was no obvious Hollywood manipulation of the audience for another. This tale of an Irish immigrant family living in New York City and trying to get over the death of their son was riveting from start to finish.

The two daughters in the movie were played by actual sisters and they were wonderful. The story is told from the viewpoint of the older sister, Christy, played by Sarah Bolger. And her younger sister, Ariel (played by Emma Bolger) has ended up being the critics' favorite. She was adorably cute and very natural. No blatant little kid tugging at your heartstrings from this little girl. She tugged at your heartstrings without even trying.

So, while you may think In America sounds depressing, you'd be wrong. It may be about a serious subject but it's handled with such grace and realism that you get sucked in and find yourself feeling pretty damn good by the end of it. Go see this film!

On Sunday we did absolutely nothing of note. Mike returned his video capture techie device that he purchased with his birthday money from his mom and my mom. It turned out that the resolution wasn't as high as he wanted so he returned it and bought a more expensive video capture card and all the gee-gaws that go with that. Don't ask me. I'm a techie retard. He says it's going to work much better so now he will be busy transferring all of our family videotapes to DVD.

Now my weeks are back to the same old routine. Calvin and I putter and do housework, I take Duncan to Tae Kwan do, I cook, I goof on the computer, I look at my ever-growing pile of comics and feel guilty that I'm not reading them faster—same old same old. Does it sound like I'm bored? Yep, a little bit.

Enough of that. Back to the grind. I've got plenty to do and myself to talk to. Okay, I talk to Cal too and he's starting to talk back but his vocabulary is still quite small. I will endeavor to post the comics I picked up on Sunday. I was really late getting them this week. As a result, I missed the final issue of Empire. *sigh* It was on my pull list but sometimes the guys aren't quite as anal-retentive as I'd like them to be. Oh well, they'll get it for me. I have faith.

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