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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Woo boy. Yesterday I got a lot done but that didn't include updating my blog.

First Cal, mom and I went with Tracey's class to their McDonald's field trip. We had a great time. Only one spilled drink which was a new record I do believe. Cal loved the ball pit in the McDonald's play area. But we had to take him out of it every now and then because it would get too full of kids and they aren't always aware of the little ones.

I had a bit of excitement in that I got to go into the tubes. My charge was resistant to the idea of leaving so when everyone was called to line up I went to get him and he took off deeper into the maze of playland tubes. Well, no screaming impotently outside the tubes for me, no siree. I hauled my ass into those damn things and went after him. They're really not so bad but they are hell on my knees. I don't know how kids do it. Anyway, I got him to turn around and he probably got to stand when they got back to school because of his little stunt. Revenge is sweet.

After that we went to the grocery store so I could pick up the last of the cookie making ingredients. Then we went to Best Buy so I could purchase a few more Christmas gifts. Yes, we're to the point in the holiday season where it's time to charge it. And I still am not done. But it looks like the remaining gifts will consist of Amazon.com gift certificates. I'm running out of time and gift certificates are easy and hell, I like gettin' 'em so why not?

Then after all of that it was back home, a nap for Cal, some domestic goddessing for me and then time to take Duncan to sparring class in Tae Kwan Do. This was his first time to go to sparring class and he ended up loving it. What kid isn't going to love to play fight for real. He told he me was pretending to be Heihachi while he fought. He liked it so much as a matter of fact I think we're going to go to sparring class once a week. Of course he's liable to change his mind later.

Mike and my mom and Cal met us after sparring class for dinner at the Chinese place next door. Then we headed home so Duncan could change into his Cub Scouts outfit for an evening of caroling fun.

Cub Scout caroling was done at the Louis F. Danforth Senior Center where both of Duncan's great grandmas live. Only one came down to watch the caroling but I expected that. My grandma is kinda weird but we love her. Mike's grandma is kinda weird too but she's more sociable than my grandma. Oh, and we love her too.

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