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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, December 15, 2003

Tree Update

Well, it's been one full day with the tree up. Much to my surprise Calvin has not developed a destructive obsession with the tree. He spent a little time this morning pulling off random ornaments and losing their hooks. As the day progressed and he grew more used to the tree's presence, he was content to point and touch. I'm not so sure the presents are going to fare as well. Espcecially the presents with bows on them.

Our Christmas train that we put around the tree every year has not been quite so lucky when it comes to escaping Cal. He does just fine when it's running around the track. Okay, occasionally he'll put his foot in the path of the train causing it to derail. But the train is most vulnerable when it's not moving. I'll walk by the tree and from the corner of my eye spy Cal sitting by the train like some mutant giant baby from a 1950s B movie. The train and its stuffed toy occupants are strewn around the track. The fake coal car housing the batteries is open and the batteries have all been removed with one usually ending up in Cal's mouth. I must have hunted batteries a couple of times today because he likes to cart them around and drop them at random points around the house.

Ah well, I shouldn't complain. I should be thankful Cal isn't a cat. I hear they're murder on Christmas trees.

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