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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, December 08, 2003

Merry Christmas to Me

Well, well, well, this marks the first official post in the blog from my NEW COMPUTER! Yes, I have a brand spankin' new computer. And it's almost completely set up. I've still got to install some programs and move some data over from the old computer but I am able to do e-mail and browse the web and chat in IM all from the new computer now. Hooray!

Actually I didn't really want a new computer. But Mike went to the day after Thanksgiving sale at Best Buy and could not resist the deal on their cheesy Emachines brand. Do I care that it's not a Compaq or a Gateway? Hell, no! I've used those name brand computers and they seem to work exactly the same as the no names.

So on to the story of my new computer...Mike comes dragging in and says, "Well, I got you a Christmas present but if I wrap it you'll know what it is anyway." And of course who's going to wait to use a new computer until after Christmas. Not me that's for damn sure. So he brings in all his loot including the computer and monitor and I shudder at the thought of our credit card debt but I can kind of feel a little better when I tell myself those rebate checks will go right on the credit card. Yeah, right.

So I got a new computer and in turn Duncan got my old computer which is a big step up from his old computer. He's just as excited as I am and is ready for all of my crap to be wiped from "his computer". Mike is going to totally wipe the hard drive on the old one and install WinXP so hopefully he won't have the problems with crashing that I've been having.

posted by Tamara - 8:28 AM -- Link to this entry
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