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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Update on the Sick Kid

I'm hoping Cal is on the road to recovery. It seems like there's a point when a kid's sick that it gets really bad and then after that they bounce back fairly quick. And we seem to have hit that really bad time last night.

Cal was really whiny last night. He didn't eat any dinner and just tottered around looking miserable and wanting either me or Mike to hold him. We made sure and got him to drink lots of water and formula so he wouldn't dehydrate.

I ended up making a pallet of blankets in the living room so Cal and I could sleep there. It's easier for me to keep an eye on a really sick kid if I'm with them and when I bring Cal into bed with us it's too crowded and Mike's sleep gets disrupted too.

Anyway Last night Cal was feeling a lot worse. He was as warm as a little charcoal briquet and he just couldn't get comfortable. I checked his temp and it was 102.7. Yep, I think I'd feel pretty damn crappy too with a temp that high.

He and I had a really fun time with Cal alternately dozing and then waking up and crying. He felt so bad he didn't know what he wanted to do so when he wouldn't take any water I'd just hold him and try and get him to calm down. Let me tell you. I wish I had a tape recorder going because being exhausted and half asleep is not conducive to singing to your small child. I sang "This Old Man" to him but several times I'd catch myself thinking, "What the heck did I just say? *That's* not how the song goes." It was a surreal experience and I wish I had it on tape so I could see if I really was singing nonsense.

He slept fitfully until around 3:30 when his fever finally broke. I hollered for Mike to bring the drugs (time for another dose of ibuprofen and cold medicine) and a bottle. I put his jammie top back on him and was so happy and ready to sleep uninterrupted for a few hours. And *then* around 6 am the automated sub finder for the school system called the house. Arrggghh!!! It woke both of us up but I managed to get him back to sleep.

Mike stayed late so he could take Duncan to school. I wanted Cal to get plenty of sleep. Then that stupid sub finder called again. I really need to find my card that has my sub code on it so I can key in "not available". It'll stop calling after I do that. *sigh*

Cal seems to be on the mend. He's actually playing with toys today and doesn't want to be held all the time. My mom came over (Mike called her) to see if I needed help or wanted to take a nap and her expert opinion after feeling his gums is that he's cutting some molars. He is very tired though. Keep your fingers crossed.

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