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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Trashy Musings

I'm walking Duncan to school today and I notice it's trash day. Well, it's really going to be trash day tomorrow because today is Veteran's Day and therefore a holiday for sanitation workers and other city and state workers. But I'm walking along and most everyone has forgotten about the holiday because their trash is out (including ours) and I'm looking at their recyclables.

Now it's no great surprise that you can tell a lot about a person by going through their trash. It's no surprise especially to me because I majored in anthropology in college and thought at one time I might like to be an archaeologist. And I've actually been gainfully employed sifting through prehistoric trash so I know whereof I speak.

Anyway, I'm noticing the recyclables in front of some of the houses. I'm kind of looking to see what they've got without actually pawing through the contents of said blue bins. For example: when you see a lot of two liter soda pop bottles in someone's bin you know they *really* like soda pop. They must drink a lot of it because there are a bunch of bottles in that bin *and* you've got to love your soda pop to get those 2 liter bottles drunk before the pop goes flat.

Newspapers show up in a lot of them of course. Those folks like to be informed. People who insist on putting cardboard boxes in their bins are obviously rebels because the city doesn't recycle those. You'll find them left in your bin by the sanitation worker as if to say "follow the rules, schmuck". I don't notice too many remains of canned goods in bins but like I said before I didn't actually move things around.

I tend to think most people realize that you can find out a lot about them by looking in their recycle bin so they edit what goes in them. I know when we first moved back to Oklahoma we lived with my mother-in-law for a while until we found our own place. At that time her boyfriend was knocking back quite a few bottles of Crown Royal in the course of a month. I'm the recycling nazi so I'd dig 'em out of the trash and put them in the recycle bucket. She didn't like that very much because it soon became evident that he was drinking a *lot* of Crown Royal. I didn't like her boyfriend very much so it was no skin off my nose that the sanitation workers and early morning joggers knew someone in the household drank like a fish. Can you say passive-aggressive? That's me.

So, what would you learn about me from the recycle bin? Well, I like diet Pepsi but I don't drink a lot of it because you'll only find cans. There are plenty of milk cartons. Mike is Mr. Breakfast Cereal and Cal has been moved over to whole milk so we now do double duty on milk (2% and whole). You'll find the odd soup can, some with the label removed so the school can take advantage of those Campbell's Soup Labels for Education. The remains of canned green beans, peas, spinach, hominy, stewed tomatoes, etc. make frequent appearances. No canned corn though. Can't stand the stuff. Only eat it frozen (well, I heat it up before I eat it). I do a lot of laundry so huge laundry detergent containers often make their way into the bin. And then there's the random cleaning product container or shampoo bottle.

I guess the true test of my honesty will come when it's time to check the bottom of that empty lube bottle. If it's a 1 or a 2, will I put it in my bucket for all to see? Or will I chicken out and dump it in the 'bound for the landfill' trash can? Ummm...I'm thinkin' I'll go for it. Gotta liven up that sanitation worker's day after all.

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