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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Thanksgiving With the Hodge Lodge

Geez, I haven't written about our Thanksgiving. I guess I can do it now. I've got nothing better to do since Cal has decided that I am to be his human mattress for a while.

It was a pretty standard Thanksgiving at my mom's, remarkable only for the fact that I did not end up getting irritated with my dad. Quite a shock for me, let me tell ya.

My day started kinda early because I still hadn't made my pies and therefore needed to do it Thanksgiving morning. I got up about 7:15 (everyone was still snoozing) and started on those pies.

Things were going extremely well until I discovered that I didn't have enough light corn syrup for the pecan pie I was making first. I have this mental block about going to the grocery store on Thanksgiving day so I called mom and asked if she had any. She did so I hopped in the car and drove across town to borrow hers. Silly, yes. There's a grocery store much closer to me but I did say it was a mental block. I have to humor those.

The first pie was almost done and everyone else in the house finally woke up. I completed the second one (grated apple in case you care) and after much hoopla and fuss we headed over to mom's arriving around noon.

Mom, of course, had been up as early if not earlier than me so she was cooking away. I put on my apron and started in to help. This is pretty much how we do it every year too.

True to form, my dad decided to add a little stress to my mom's day and thought that it would be a good time install some shelves in the living room. Well, he wasn't really installing them, just re-installing them by reinforcing them. They'd been up there just fine for fifteen years and hadn't moved an inch but he got a wild hair and decided they needed reinforcement so all those earthquakes Okahoma is prone to wouldn't dislodge them from the walls.

I was surprised that my mom was being so calm about the whole thing. I mean, he had the television set in the middle of the floor and was drilling holes and creating all sorts of mess but she was calmly dealing with cooking. I asked her about that later and she said "we had words" when he first started the project. She was really pissed off and let him know it. Of course, that didn't phase him and he went ahead with his plans but that's the way it always is. I'm just sorry I missed it. Not really.

So my time all day was spent in the kitchen either cooking, eating or cleaning up. Mike helped corral Calvin who was feeling out of sorts that day probably due to teething and sleeping fitfully the night before. Duncan played with his cousin Kelsey and Joel from across the street.

We had a full table that's for sure. The four of us, my mom, dad, brother, mike's two brothers, mike's grandmother, my uncle BJ and aunt Gayle, Kelsey and that's it. Mike's mom had to work so she showed up well after everyone was done eating.

All in all it was a surreal day for me but then Thanksgiving day almost always is. My whole day goes away but all I have to remember it by is a full belly and dishpan hands.

I ended up crashing early that night. Probably because I stayed up too late the night before, kept being awakened by Cal and then got up early to make pies. I was definitely thankful that Cal slept through the night and let me sleep.

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