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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Pull Your Head Out!

Am I just a naturally cranky person or does this strike you as intensely stupid too? Here's the skinny....

The science fiction club I belong to, STAR OKC, has been storing money for a member's convention (Conderosa) that never got off the ground in their checking account. I think the con managed to raise about $800 which is a darn fine start for seed money for a con but the former con chair has had real life bite him in the butt and he can't run the con. Nobody else wants to run it either so the money has just been sitting in STAR's checking account for some time now.

Another convention, Pandamonium, is gearing up for 2004 out of Norman, and since the con chair of Pandamonium is friends with the former con chair of Conderosa it was suggested that the money be handed over to Pandamonium. Great idea, right? Well, it is but when you're dealing with people you're dealing with egos so it had to be handled just so. Don't want anyone to get pissed off and hurt after all. Fans have looooong memories.

We had a brief discussion about this at our last meeting and since four out of the five Conderosa board members were at the meeting they all agreed that it was a great idea. The former Conderosa con chair was not at the meeting, however, and it was brought up that his approval had to be gotten first. We were told that he had okayed the transfer but our Treasurer wanted to be sure and needed to hear it straight from the horse's mouth. So I said call him and ask, then send the check off to Pandamonium and everyone will be happy.

I can only assume that call wasn't made because it was brought up again in the STAR OKC discussion group yesterday. Our VP said we could cut the check at the next meeting but then our Treasurer said he needed to hear it from the former Conderosa chair or he wouldn't do it. Jesus Christ!!! Just write the damn check and give it to the guy. Let him give the money to Pandamonium or buy himself a new computer. I don't care! Just get it out of our account so we don't have to talk about it any more!

And no, I didn't type that in the discussion group although I wanted to. I was good and kept it to suggesting they just give him back the money and he can dispense it as he so desires. So, am I being cranky or is this whole thing really kind of pointless and stupid? Probably a little of both. I'm quite frequently cranky but the whole question of what to do with this money isn't our concern and I wish someone would figure that out. Sheesh.

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