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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, November 23, 2003

More Crankiness

I'm at home yesterday morning and Mike and Duncan are at the Boy Scout pine car derby. I need to ask Mike a question about the Boy Scout popcorn order because the money is due by pine car derby day. He's got a cell phone but never leaves it on so I page him. No answer. I call the cell phone even though I know it won't be on. It rings several times and goes to voice mail. I don't leave a message, it's pointless after all, and as I'm about to page him again my phone rings. "Great!" I think, "He's calling back."

But it's not Mike. I must have misdialed when I called his cell phone because the woman on the other line perkily asks if I just called and did I need anything. What the fuck?!? Did I *need* anything? Yes, I need not to misdial so some nut can look at her caller ID and then call me back! That's what I fucking need!!

I'm sorry. Perhaps I'm odd. I know I'm introverted and anti-social so that probably explains why I never feel the need to return the calls of PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW!!!

For example, after we got our second cell phone I ended up with the new one (it has a louder ring) and the voice mail never got personalized. As a result I kept getting these voice mail messages from one fellow for Jerry. I can only hope Jerry got back to him because I never phoned the man back to let him know he was dialing the wrong number. I did eventually add my name to the voice mail so I am no longer privy to the mysterious Jerry's messages.

I was polite to the woman who called. Sort of. I told her I had obviously misdialed and if I had wanted someone to call me back I would leave a message. So stop calling people back when they don't do that! No, I didn't say that last bit to her but I so wanted to.

I guess I'm just not curious enough because I don't have this overwhelming urge to make sure those people dialing the wrong number really don't need anything.

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