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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Monday, November 24, 2003

Duncan’s Birthday Bash

The incredibly ugly Soul Calibur 2 cake.Well, I am finally getting around to writing about how Duncan's birthday party at Laser Quest went on Saturday evening. Surprisingly it went quite well. I never did have to take that ibuprofen. All of the kids showed although one came late because she chickened out at the last minute. She thought she was going to be the only girl at the party so she decided she wasn't going to attend. Mike called to see what was up and once her mother told her another girl was at the party she was ready to go.

We ate at Feces Pizza which was incredibly Feces Pizza-like. Then we headed over to Laser Quest well before our scheduled 7:40 check in time. The kids ran around and looked at the incredibly pricey video games. I gave them each a buck in change but they all blew their quarters on some rubber balls. I know, I didn't understand it either. Perfectly good driving and shooting games and they put their quarters into some rip off baseball thing and get a rubber ball. I sure wasn't going to give them any more quarters after they did that.

The one missing kid didn't arrive by the time the first game started at 8 pm so I ended up playing. It was really a lot of fun. You put on this harness that's got tag areas on the shoulders, chest and back. Your laser gun is attached to the harness and it's also got target spots on it.

Then you go into the room and start shooting. There are plenty of places to hide and there are two levels so you can go up high and shoot down on unsuspecting players. The lighting is, of course, dimmed so you can see the lasers and a little smoke is pumped in to make things even more fun.

When you're hit your gun shuts down for five seconds. I ended up getting hit quite a lot but that probably had more to do with the small children following me and giggling whenever they scored a hit than anything. Not that I didn't shoot them right back. I ended up coming in twelfth out of twenty-one players. Duncan came in third and Mike came in fifth. Yeah, they did a lot better than me. But they had played the game before so I didn't feel so bad.

The missing kid showed up by the second game so I sat that one out and read. After that game was over we went into one of the rooms Laser Quest makes available for birthday parties and did the cake and ice cream and opening presents thing. Duncan had a blast and I do believe all of the kids did too.

We ended up getting home well after 10 pm and Cal was still awake of course and running his nana Gayle ragged. All in all, a darn fine eighth birthday party for Duncan.

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