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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Comics Thursday (Not!)

Well, I do believe I am not going to make it to the comic shop today. It's really wet and cold out and Cal has this snotty nose thing going on and I just don't feel like getting out. Hmm...there's the dog. Scratching at the French doors to be let in. Eventually he'll learn that when it's raining he must scratch at the garage door. I've got more than enough red Oklahoma mud stains on my carpet thank you very much.

I was moderately productive today. I finished the kitchen. It looks quite nice. I predict that it will be back to its normal state in a week though. And tonight at dinner one or both of my sons will annoint my newly cleaned floor with food.

I have not been able to do as much with the laundry as I'd hoped. Calvin was going a little stir-crazy inside today so every time I'd go into the garage he'd make a break for it through the doggie door. That would have been fine if it hadn't been raining and cold and if he hadn't been shoeless and jacketless and sporting a spiffy snotty nose. Today I could only take so much kicking and screaming little boy who seriously did not want to be trapped back inside the nasty old house.

That's about it. I'm feeling a trifle blah today. I'm probably starting my PMS mild depression cycle. I may end up shutting myself in my room tonight and wallow in some delicious self-pity. Gotta have an evening of that to really shake it off and move on. It's that or spend the evening screaming at Duncan and Cal and Mike.

Jesus Christ, Cal is screaming about *something* again. So, how many more minutes until Mike gets home?

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