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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, October 24, 2003

Subbing at Coronado

I subbed for Tracey today at Coronado. It ended up being a supremely easy day. Being Friday about thirty minutes of the morning (9 to 9:30) was taken up with Cougar Celebration. Basically everyone in the school meets in the gym, sings a few songs, does the pledge of allegiance and recognizes various students/teachers for things they've done.

Also at Cougar Celebration, the Students of the Week are announced. Each teacher gets to pick one kid who had a great week. They're the Student of the Week for their class and get to be recognized in front of the school, have their picture taken and receive a packet of freebies from local businesses. Duncan was the Student of the Week for his class so it was nice that I was subbing and could be there. Not that I couldn't have gone anyway and I probably would have but I didn't have to mess with keeping Cal still during all of the pre-Student of the Week stuff.

After that Susie (Tracey's assistant) and I hung around in the gym waiting for the photographers to set up because it was school picture day. Woo! I think the pics of Tracey's kids should all turn out well. Being first we got to the photographers before they were totally jaded and burned out. The kids were awake, free of food stains and other detritus and happy after all the hoopla of Cougar Celebration.

Once pictures were done we headed over to the Library aka Media Center. Then after library time was finished we headed back to the classroom for some table time.

With all of the stuff we had to do in the morning Tracey figured we wouldn't be able to get through the normal four teaching tables so she only set up two. She was right. We probably wouldn't have gotten through four but we did manage two just fine.

Then came lunch time for Susie and a little free time for the kids. I took them to lunch at 11:45 and after Susie came back I went to lunch around 12:20. The routine for the kids is to go to recess after lunch and then they come in and rest a bit. Usually after rest time they have another table time but Tracey figured she'd go easy on all of us and they had a longer rest time.

Today's special was P.E. and the kids had a lot of fun with the student teacher. She had them bap around this really huge ball--I mean the size of a small kid huge. Then they played with smaller balls individually for a while. All in all, a very rewarding, full of exercise stint in PE.

Finally with the school day almost over, we went back to the classroom for a little Blue's Clues watching and a snack. Normally their Fridays aren't this breezy. But once in a while if the day is full of special events you can expect the routine to be disrupted and things can get a little relaxed. And I'm not complaining one bit.

In the end, I had an uneventful, relaxing day. We only had six kids in class today and they were all very well-behaved. I only had to make someone stand once and that was because he was getting a little rowdy during playtime and bashing his truck into people.

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