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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Our Wonderfully Exciting Saturday

I mentioned earlier that I went with my mom to An Affair of the Heart. What the heck is that? Well, if you're too lazy to click on the link and peruse their web site here's the skinny. It's basically a big ol' craft show. It comes to OKC twice a year and the October show takes up seven buildings at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. Usually there's nothing there of interest to me. Once in a while someone will appear with keen, unique items for sale but mostly it's the same old craft crap--cutesie wooden signs, clothes, candles, dried plants, quilts, etc. My mom loves to go and look though so I go with her every time the show comes to OKC.

The doors open at 9 am on Saturday so I got up early (even before Cal) and headed over to mom's house so we could get to the Fairgrounds before 9. Our usual m.o. is to go right when they open, wander through as many buildings as we can before the crowds get too heavy and leave when walking down each aisle becomes impossible. This is why we end up attending all three days but it's possible to get through all seven buildings in two. Mom went Friday with my grandma and Cal. Saturday she went with me and we hit the buildings she didn't go through with grandma.

I ended up buying one thing and it was for mom. She wanted a shadow box to put my grandpa's medals and photo in. She saw some she liked and I bought it as part of her Christmas. Other than that, the booths were full of the same crap as last year and I didn't see anything I couldn't live without. We left around 11 am and headed to my house to pick up Duncan, Mike and Cal for lunch.

After lunch, Cal and mom went to her house and we headed for Norman, Oklahoma and RoninCon. The con was held in Dale Hall on the OU campus. Since RoninCon is put on by the OU Animation Society they get to use campus facilities for free. Dale Hall was a nice venue for the con but it was weird being back there after being away for so long. I actually had quite a few of my classes in Dale Hall since the Anthropology department is located there.

There was a fairly large crowd waiting to pay when we arrived which I thought was a good sign. Since the group running the con consisted of poor college students, publicity for the con was largely done by word-of-mouth and a few flyers at local comic and game shops. But quite a few people still showed up and patiently waited for the con staff to get things set up. It looked like most of the early attendees were fellow college students but toward the end of the day I saw more older attendees and a few kids.

The con was set up with a four large lecture rooms upstairs containing: Shonen Anime (boys anime), Shoujo Anime (girls anime), comedy Anime and console gaming. All of the anime I saw was fansubs so everything was subtitled. I don't mind subtitles one bit but it was difficult for Duncan to read them fast enough sometimes. I watched a few episodes of Groove Adventure Rave in the Shonen Anime room but never made it to the other two to watch a complete episode.

Duncan really liked the console gaming room because they had Soul Calibur 2 for the Xbox and he likes playing Spawn. In fact, he keeps saying he wants an Xbox for Christmas. He's already been told several times that's not gonna happen. He's got a Gamecube and that's the only console he'll have for the foreseeable future. Duncan also played some Tekken 4 (PS2) and a little Mortal Kombat (PS2). But he still likes Soul Calibur 2 best. Duncan has played Soul Calibur 2 enough that he kicked a few of the college kids' butts. hehehee

Downstairs was registration, a lecture room with a few art prints for sale (the Art Show), a room with various events like Cell Painting, Iron Artist, and the Cosplay (Costume Contest), a room with soda pop and snack food for sale (pocky and ramen noodles!), and a room for gaming.

The room with soda pop and snacks was also the Dealer's room but the dealer consisted of Atomic Pop, a local comic store. They did seem to do good business and brought a bunch of manga, anime, anime-related toys, scrolls and various Japanese Animation genre overstock. Duncan bought a Neon Genesis Evangelion action figure because it was super-articulated.

We took a break around 5 pm to get some dinner and visit Atomik Pop. I picked up Skeleton Key TP vol. 2: The Celestial Calendar and Flash #202. Duncan picked up some cute Dragonball Z toys. Mike was good and didn't spend any money.

We ate dinner at New York Pizza on Campus Corner and got back to the con just in time to play a little more Soul Calibur 2. Evidently someone with a Gamecube brought their memory chip with everything in the game unlocked and saved on it. Duncan was in hog heaven. He wanted us to drive home (takes about 40 minutes), get his chip and come back to the con so he could copy the data. We didn't do it of course but it was funny watching him get so excited about being able to play the characters he has yet to unlock. He proceeded to whip up on a few guys with the new characters. I played him next and whipped up on his little butt. I'm such a sweet mama. Duncan was so excited after we left the console gaming room he kept exclaiming "That was every man's dream!" My comment to Mike was that I thought every man's dream was two women.

Duncan was horribly disappointed that the Soul Calibur 2 tournament was scheduled for Sunday. He probably would have done okay but I don't know if he could have defeated the older players who were experienced at playing the game on the Gamecube. It would have been fun to watch though.

The Cosplay was next and it was a hoot. They had over twenty contestants and it was run very loosely. Basically each contestant was given a number. The audience was told to remember their favorite contestant's number because that's how the winner would be determined. As with most costume contests in this part of the country, fun and being goofy was the order of the day. Three winners were chosen although the kid I voted for didn't place. Duncan's favorite (Inu Yasha) took third and Mike ended up voting for that gal as well. My fave was a kid dressed up as Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin.

I'm not well-versed enough in Anime and Manga to tell you who the first and second place winners were dressed as. The first place winners were two cute little girls with very well-made costumes. Second place went to a college student with a so-so costume. He mainly seemed to be popular because of the way he portrayed his character. The Ronincon web site should have pics of everyone up soon.

After the raucous shenanigans of the costume contest it was time for the con's Closing Ceremonies. More goofiness ensued and it was really nice to see those college kids having such a good time throwing the con.

That wasn't the end of the con by any means but it was getting late by that time so we headed home. We stopped at a Braum's in Norman just before hitting the highway to pick up some milk for Sunday. It's lucky we did because Mike discovered he'd left his wallet at Dale Hall. Fortunately he left it in the lower level/basement of Dale Hall by the vending machines and it was still there. Yep, once again he lives up to his childhood nickname of the absent-minded professor.

We picked up Cal from my mom's and got home around 10:00 pm.

After looking at this horribly long blog entry I wish I had the foresight to take my digital camera to the con. But I had my head up my butt on Saturday and didn't think to take it. I also ditzed out and didn't take any STAR OKC or Phoenix APA flyers to the con. Bummer.

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