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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Friday, October 10, 2003

Field Trip Friday

Calvin showing his glee at being outside.Mom, Cal and I went on a field trip today with Tracey's class. I was there in an "official" capacity (I was a kid wrangler) and mom was there to watch Cal.

Tracey and Mrs. Maxwell take the kids to a farm in Newcastle that runs a pumpkin patch every year and they get to be outdoors for several hours, hear a nice talk about pumpkins, squashes and gourds and see live animals. Oh and they get to go on a short hay ride and pick out their very own pumpkin. I would bet it's one of the kids' favorite field trips.

I had an okay time but was plagued with a headache through most of it. I'm not sure why I had a headache. I'm thinking it had something to do with Fall. This is a time of lots of weather changes in Oklahoma—one day it starts out hot and a front can move in the next cooling us off about fifteen degrees. This can play major havoc with my sinuses which causes sinus headaches. Do I really need my sinuses? I'd just as soon not have them if I could avoid all of my irritating sinus related ailments.

Anyway, my two charges were very well-behaved. They're both slow-moving so that was good. It meant I didn't have to chase after anyone who suddenly decided that the pond would be a good place to be. A few people still tease me about the time the student I was in charge of took off from the pumpkin patch at a run, heading toward the pond. Now this student was someone who wouldn't have thought twice about jumping in said pond so I took off like a bat outta hell after him. Now running isn't something I do a lot of but I'm capable of pulling it off and going quite a way before I have to stop and gulp in great lungfuls of air but I guess seeing me suddenly sprint after him was quite funny 'cause no one's ever let me forget it.

My two kids were tough to keep together because both of them enjoy kind of wandering around in their own little world so that wasn't always fun. But I got pretty good at kind of keeping track of both of them. And we got through the day with no major accidents so I was happy.

Calvin seemed to enjoy himself. He was so thrilled at being outdoors and surrounded by kids that he didn't eat much lunch. He really liked looking at the animals and was fascinated by the baby pot-bellied pig they let everyone pet. I was kind of afraid he was going to grip something sensitive on the pig thereby causing it to squeal shrilly and scare the crap out of everyone.

We got back to the school around 3 pm and mom and Cal headed to her house. I was going to get Duncan after school and head to Tae Kwan Do so she would have ended up with Cal anyway. Plus he was asleep and I was hoping he would continue his nap at her house. It turns out he didn't and woke up as she pulled into her driveway. As a result, he's fallen asleep already at 8:00. I sure hope he doesn't decide 6 am would be a good time to be alert and chipper tomorrow.

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