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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Thursday, October 23, 2003

“Close your eyes.”

Well, I finally finished watching Becoming Parts One and Two or the final two episodes of BTVS: Season Two. I tell ya, that ending still gets me.

A few things always bothered me about the episode though. Vampires are dead, right? Then how the heck does Spike incapacitate Dru by choking her? She's not breathing therefore he should be able to squeeze forever and she'd still be awake. Is it a blood flow thing? Would it matter if a vamp's blood flow was blocked to their brain? I dunno.

And if vampires need humans for their blood what kind of sense does it make for Angel to awaken Acathla, a demon whose sole purpose is to suck every living human into hell leaving Earth for the demons and vamps? Really. How smart is that? What will they do for food? Eat other demons? Subsist on livestock? It can probably be blamed on that whole 'we're really evil so it doesn't have to make sense' thing.

Other than those few quibbles I really enjoyed this season of Buffy. I also noticed Sarah Michelle Gellar looks mighty good in Season 2. In Season 1 she still had a little adolescent pudge. It didn't look bad on her but she definitely changed from Season 1 to Season 2. I can't help but notice that today she's far too thin. She should go back to her Season 2 weight. As she is now she's resembling Callista Flockhart a bit too much.

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