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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Agh! Sometimes I Hate Babies!

You can always count on one thing. When a one year old is awake and quiet it's not always a good thing.

I'm being a domestic goddess and doing the household chores. Cal is in the computer/family room. He's being quiet. Now I should have gone and checked on him sooner. I know. But I was so happy to be able to complete a task without having to say "No!" or pull him away from (or off) something he shouldn't be messing with.

So I finally finish, go in and check on Cal and he's calmly sitting in my computer chair with a picture negative in his mouth and a photo crumpled in his hand. All the bits and pieces of paper and just crap that are around my keyboard are on the floor. Antman, Wasp and Goliath have been flung from their cozy perch atop my monitor. Antman's cute little helmet is no longer on his head. It's a wonder Cal didn't swallow it. As I'm picking up the stuff and attempting to dry a couple of the negatives, he puts the crumpled picture in his mouth.

And then, this is the best part, he crashed my computer. It took me three freakin' times to get the thing to boot up. Auggghhh!!!

Have I mentioned he loves climbing on top of the table now? Not only will he climb on top of the table, he'll pull anything in his way off the table, plop his diaper clad butt down (usually precariously close to the edge) and proceed to play with everything that might look interesting—like the salt and pepper shakers. I've got salt all over my table and don't even get me started on the learning curve for pepper. He's gotten the damn stuff in his mouth three times now and is still drawn to it. And it's not like he enjoyed the pepper. It was really kind of funny to watch him walking around wailing pitifully while wiping at his mouth. Yes, I'm evil. Don't worry. A few good drinks of water takes care of the pepper.

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