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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Windows ME Sucks!

Well, I'm officially ready to get rid of Windows ME as my OS. It's been a little hinky from the day I bought this computer (WinME came on it pre-installed) but now it's moved from merely irritating to crashing my computer at every turn. Specifically the problem seems to be with the WinME version of Internet Explorer.

So now I get to go through the horrifying process of backing up what's important, wiping my hard drive and installing something more stable like Windows NT. *sigh* I really hate it when we do this. It never moves quickly enough for me and I spend the entire process bugging Mike with questions like "Is it done yet? When do you think it'll be done? Why don't you have any idea when it'll be done?" Fun for everyone, you betcha.

Right now I'm using Mozilla as my browser of choice and it's not so bad. Some web sites don't always load properly and it doesn't read some of the colors right on a few of my sites but other than that I don't get no steenkin' crashes which is the important thing. It even imported my Windows favorites automatically although, stupid dork that I am, I didn't discover that until yesterday. I'd been risking a computer crash every time I needed one of my bookmarks by going back to IE.

I think I'll have Mike do the computer wipe and re-install while I'm gone to Denver this upcoming weekend. That way he can take as long as he likes and not have to put up with my hovering. Plus if he screws something up accidentally he should have time to fix things before I get back thereby avoiding the histrionics associated with him screwing up my beloved computer.

posted by Tamara - 10:11 AM -- Link to this entry
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