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Tamara's Flooby Web Log

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Same Ol’, Same Ol’

Well, I'm starting to pack for my trip to Denver on Friday. It's kind of nice to have to pack only for yourself. Usually I'm packing for the whole family which can be fun, let me tell ya.

I'm going to take several books and my e-book reader along for the trip. Not sure how much reading I'll get done because I feel like it's rude to read in the car when you're sitting up front. When you're in the back, however, that's another matter entirely. There you don't have to feel obligated to entertain the driver and can read all you want. But since there'll only be two of us and I'll be doing some of the driving I can't escape to the back seat and read.

It should be a fun trip musically. Tracey and I have been friends for a long time but our musical tastes have never really matched. As a result, I'm taking my portable CD player for when she sticks in the Eminem CD. I can't listen to that without bitching. Fortunately the rule is if you're driving you get to pick the music.

Mike is home from work today due to his horrible allergies. It seems like the older he gets his allergy attacks hit harder. I tell him he's just getting old and falling apart. You'd think he would have done well when we lived in the dry desert of New Mexico but he had 'em there too. There's something that blooms in the desert in the Spring that really knocked him for a loop. Me too. I could be driving down the highway with my windows down and all of the sudden a horrible sneezing fit would grip me and I'd be stuffed up for the rest of the day. Yes, we're prepared to be among the dead when civilization falls and medicinal drugs are no longer readily available.

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